The Wii and My Family

Recently I told you about some awesome Nintendo Select games that we have tried out. We have been having a blast with the Mario Super Slugger and the Animal Crossing for Nintendo Wii. If you haven’t already click above to check out my review of those games.

I saved our very favorite for last. Wii Console with Mario Kart Wii Bundle – Black is without a doubt our favorite game to date! This is fun for the whole family! My toddler gets all excited watching us play and cheers us along. My 5 year old is so excited to be playing with mom and dad. She is learning coordination, teamwork, strategic game play and determination. My husband is like a kid again when he is playing. And me, who is completely uncoordinated can play too! It is simple enough and yet challenging enough for all of us. It is very hard to find something that works for our whole family!
Here is a little more about the Wii Console with Mario Kart Wii Bundle – Black that we play with and LOVE!

Game storyline: Drawing on courses and battle arenas from every game in the series – not to mention tons of new ones – the true king of the Mushroom Kingdom racing circuits will finally be crowned.

  • The Wii Wheel transforms the Wii Remote™ controller into a steering wheel that feels natural in anyone’s hands, while the Wii Remote and Nunchuk™ controller offer a classic control style for the Mario Kart veteran. In either configuration, players can perform speed-boosting tricks with a shake of the Wii Remote.
  • Players can race as their favorite Nintendo character, or even as themselves! Mario Kart Wii lets players race with their personalized Mii™ characters. And racers will see other Mii characters they have created cheering from the sidelines on some race courses.
  • Players can compete with up to three friends in their living room. Or challenge up to 11 opponents via Nintendo Wi-Fi Connection in the biggest Mario Kart race yet. All tracks and modes of play are available via Nintendo Wi-Fi Connection, and players can visit the Mario Kart Channel to compete in tournaments, check rankings, see when their friends are playing and download ghost data.

The Nintendo Wii is fascinating to me! The fact that 4 people on so many physical and mental levels can enjoy this one game is incredible! It brings families together!

I was looking around at other great games that we can play on our wii and discovered the the Wii Fit Plus with Balance Board would be perfect for my on my weight loss journey! They actually have several games that you can play with the Wii Fit! So that is next on my list of things to work towards buying. Then Dad and Daughter can have Mario Cart and Mom can have her Fit time!

If you are still wondering what to get dad for Father’s Day I highly recommend the Wii Console with Mario Kart Wii Bundle – Black . It is only $149.99 on Amazon. What an amazing price! You get the console, controllers and Mario Kart Game with Wheel! He will LOVE it! And your whole family will too!