Father’s Day ideas: Free Photo Gifts

Still looking for a great Father’s Day gift? How about something that says I love you through photos?

Right now Vistaprint is offering 6 Free Photo Products:

  • photo flipbook
  • t-shirt
  • mug
  • mouse pad
  • magnets
  • calendar

All for free right now! Don’t let your photos sit hidden on your computer, take this opportunity to celebrate your memories every day. Upload from Picasa, Facebook and Flickr! The products are free, just pay shipping and processing.
I tried each one out to see what shipping would cost. Here are the shipping rates that I got:
Calendar- $5.67
Flipbook – $5.89
Mug – $5.67
Mouse Pad- $4.41
T-shirt – $4.41
Magnets- $4.70

Visit Vistaprint now and check out the selection.

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  1. jennifer flores says:

    these are not free,when you click the link to add the pic to the mug it charges you 9.99 at check out plus shipping.also tried it with out a pic and did same thing

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