Looking to make extra cash from home? This is what I do…

I told you about Valued Opinions last week when I signed up. So far it is proving to be a great work at home company! I received 2 opps today. Here is the summary of 1 them:

Would you like to take part in a ground-breaking piece of research?
To take part you need to be willing to do the following:
• Complete a questionnaire online now
On completion of the questionnaire, send us a simple text message (SMS) whenever you see, hear or experience advertising or marketing communications by certain companies or brands over the next 7 days (so you need a cell phone)

Reward for qualifying and completion:
$ 10 if you complete the above
$ 0.20 for every text you send us
$ 0.10 for every picture you send us
$ 2 for every call you make if you have just been in store

Pretty awesome right? If you have not signed up for Valued Opinions you should today and start earning $$. :)