Online Shopping vs In Store Shopping (Join the Conversation)

I want to know what do you think? I am definitely an online shopper! I was not always an online shopper. I think it all changed when I had kids. Suddenly getting out to shop was much harder! Today the idea of loading up the kids in the hot car and visiting several stores sounds terrible. I used to get so much joy out of shopping in the stores but not now. Now I dread it! I have an addiction to comparison shopping and that is just not an easy task with the kids. So, that is why I am an online shopper now. I try to buy all I can online! That includes diapers, gifts and clothing.

I saw this video and it cracked me up! I am definatly like the first lady that is an online shopper! Did you know that you could have shoes delivered to your door to TRY ON and then return what you do not want? See the video here. (Sorry it would not embed here)

So what do you think? Which are you? What did you think of the ladies in the video? Who is most like you? Do you like when I post online deals or in store deals?

  • Kim B

    Online for sure! I don’t mind grocery shopping, but any other shopping, especially shopping that takes me to a mall (gasp! I HATE malls) I dread. A BIG change from when I was younger and loved to shop, try on clothes, etc. I always look for great online stores with decent return policies- or stores locally where exchanges can be made.