Introducing WhitePages Neighbors & WIN a $100 Visa Gift Card!

New Survey: Majority of Americans Know Their Neighbors Pets More Than Their Neighbors’ Kids
Don’t Know Most of Their Neighbors’ First Names, Cell Phone Numbers or Email Addresses

WhitePages “Neighbors” launches today! WhitePages Neighbors is a new free Block Party organizer and contact look up product to help find the names and contact information for neighbors to promote neighborhood spirit, community partnerships and local safety.

Despite the fact that most American adults who have neighbors (93%) say it’s important for neighbors to look out for each other’s safety, a new survey conducted online in June 2011 by Harris Interactive on behalf of WhitePages found that more of them can identify most of their neighbors’ cars (47%) than most of their neighbors’ first names (41%) and that more of them (27%) know most of their neighbors’ pets more than most of their neighbors’ kids (24%). National Night Out is coming up on August 2nd, which 37 million People participated in last year. In partnership with National Night Out, we’d like to help people plan even more block parties this year to help neighbors get to know each other (organize Neighborhood Watch programs, plan block parties, organize play dates, organize garage sales).

The new Whitepages Neighbors product offers an aerial map of U.S. household contact information, including first and last name, mailing address, associated household members, and phone number to help neighbors more effectively get in touch. Going beyond making it easy to look up neighbors’ names and contact information, WhitePages has partnered with the National Night Out (NNO) to make it easy to plan a Block Party within a few clicks without having to worry about tracking down neighbor’s names and contact information by sending personalized postcard invites via the U.S. Postal Service for free.  With the survey discovering that 34% of American adults who have neighbors do not feel comfortable asking their neighbors to keep an eye on their home when they go away, WhitePages and NNO hope people will use “Neighbors” Block Party invites to foster relationships that lead to effective neighborhood watch initiatives that promote local safety.

White Pages Neighbors is here to help us create more unity is our community through block parties and a easy way to connect! With White Pages Neighbors you can plan, organize, locate neighbors you will invite, send invites and even keep track of who used the easy RSVP feature. I just tried it out to see how it would work and it is amazing. I type in my address and it automatically found me! It knew mine and my husband’s name. Then it allowed me to set up a free account and verify my location was correct. They take security very seriously so to ensure your identity, they verify by using your phone number. I had a phone call within seconds and then entered my security code to proceed.  find my neighbors. the set up process was incredibly easy. I typed in the info for the party and then was allowed to send 80 invites for free. It allowed me to click on the homes to invite the people that I wanted. I was able to invite everyone on my street. It did not give me private info. It only told me the neighbors names. I was then able to print and send postcards just like this one for FREE!

I am so excited about this! I am thankful that I live in a smaller community than I great up in. But even so, I do not know all of my neighbors! It is so important that we know the know the ones who live close to us. For the emergencies and the vacations as well as the great things that happen, we need our neighbors. I can’t wait for our block party!

Now I want to hear from you! Have you had a block party? Will you have one now? Does this new system motivate you to throw one?

WhitePages Neighbors is partnering with Living on Love and Cents to send you a $100 Visa Gift Card! Maybe you could spend it to throw your own party.

Entry is easy! Use the Rafflecopter App below. Comments do not count. For each entry click on “do it” for instructions and to complete and then click on “did it” for credit. You can come back daily for extra entries. You must do the mandatory entry in order for any others to count. You can do any or all of the extra entries. The more you do the better your chances of winning. Giveaway ends 12am est on 7/30/11. Good Luck!

Disclosure: I received a gift card in exchange for my review and giveaway.All opinions are 100% mine.
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  1. I barely know their names!

  2. I know them, but not like buddies or anything. :)

  3. we know most of our neighbors pretty well.

  4. Barely know most of their names. We know one set who we knew before we moved here, if that counts, so we are very close with them.

  5. Brittany Keysor says:

    I don’t know them at all!

  6. Brittany O'Grady says:

    I know their names and occasionally speak with them. Hoping to throw some parties with them soon!

  7. Vicky Kelly says:

    Barely know ’em, know a couple of their names. We live on a small cul de sac.

  8. Jen Buckmaster says:

    Know almost all of our neighbors names, kids names and pets too! Speak with almost all of them and hang with a handful of them on a regular basis!

  9. Tara Berke Torres says:

    We don’t know their names. My husband’s always saying, “Howdy, neighbor!”

  10. Tried to do the join white pages step and got an error message.

  11. I barely know their names : /

  12. I have become great friends with the girl next door and her family and we attend church with the sweet older couple across the street but barely know any of the others…

  13. Vickie Bouzerrara says:

    We just moved here and we only know our next door neighbors just a bit. Can’t even remember their names.

  14. Jessica OBrien says:

    Did them all except for Twitter, which I don’t use! I know all my neighbors very well and hang out with one household on a daily basis!

  15. i know my neighbors very well

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  21. I just moved into an apartmen in a home, and haven’t goten the chance to really get out and know everyone. this would be a great way to do so!


  22. I know most of my neighbor’s names (not all). I have a great relationship with the neighbors I do know and we really try to look out for each other. We’ve had some especially rough times recently with break-ins on the rise, and it makes me feel better that I have some great neighbors to help look out for me as I do for them.

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  24. Carole Spring says:

    We only know the names of the neighbors who live in the houses right next to us.

  25. Andrea D says:

    We know faces better then names.. lol We try to remember names of neighbors… We are in a very rural area so our closet neighbor is several miles away.. We do know them..:)

  26. I barely know my neighbors names. I know a couple of them. I usually say hi if I see them outside.

  27. Jennifer Masselli says:

    Great friends with all my neighbors!!

  28. Please remove my entry about entering the same giveaway–I was unable to do so.

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