HOT Sale: Kids’ DVDs $4.49- $5.99 (Max & Ruby,Yogi Bear,Dr Suess & more popular titles)

I just visited Zulily and got super excited!Today kids’ dvds are super cheap! Starting at just $4.49 for Yogi Bear! Max & Ruby Dvds are on the top of my list as they are one of my kids’  favorites! Looks like some have already sold out but there is a still a great selection! So hurry over here now and get your top picks!

Here are my favorites:

Hey There! It’s Yogi Bear is $4.49

Max and Ruby (all titles) are $5.99

Sharktales is $5.99

Franklin and the Green Kinght $5.49

An Ant’s Life  $5.49

These are just some of the titles. Visit Zulily today and check out these are more great deals today!

  • Cindy Smith

    Stopping by top visit this post :-) Good deals here

  • Kelly J Hubbard

    Always find good deals for the family

  • yamilet

    I absolutely love the deals on here. I just saw a dress i want to get my daughter so bad and its actually cheaper than a similar one i saw at the store this weekend. :)

  • Jami McKinney

    I love the deals I get on clothes for little girls. I have 3 of them and they love clothes and shoes!

  • Cheryl Abdelnour

    Good deals here! Alas, my 4 sons are grown, but not married yet–no grandchildren!

  • Julie Billick

    I love the fact that some great dvd’s are really cheap on here.

  • Kristi M.

    Great deal!