Walgreens Deals Under $1 This Week 7/17/11

The Walgreens deals for the week are brought to you by Mom on Dealz. These are the best Walgreens deals under $1.

Mitchum Deodarant 2/$6
-$4 Register Rewards (RR)
-$0.75 coupon from SS 6/10 or 6/26
Final=$0.25 each
Brach’s Autumn Candy $0.79 (in ad coupon)
-$0.50 coupon from SS 6/12
-$0.50 coupon from All You Magazine May or July
Carefree Pantiliners $0.99
-$0.50 coupon from SS 6/26
Colgate Toothpaste and Toothbrush 2/$4
-$1 RR
-$1 or $0.75 coupons from SS 6/26

Hamburger Helper $0.99
-$0.75/3 coupon from SS 6/12
Schick Disposable Razors $5.99
-$2 RR
-$3 coupon HERE
-$1 coupon from SS 6/19 or 7/17
Chex Mix $1.50
-$0.50 coupon from SS 7/10
School Supplies:
Penway Folders and Splash Mini Highlighters $0.09 (limt 4)
Penway & Papermate Pencils $0.19
Penway Notebooks/Sheet Protectors and Crayons $0.39
Penway or Wexfford Poly Binders and Rose Art Glue $0.49
In Ad Coupons:
Nestle Candy Bars $0.49 each Limit 6
Salt and Baking Powder $0.50
Deerfield Farms Seasonings $0.79 Limit 3
Chicken of the Sea Tuna $0.89 Limit 3
Dawn Dish Soap $0.99

Thank you Mom on Dealz!




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