Free 8×10 Photo on Canvas (And How I Got Mine) is offering a free 8 x 10 or $50 off any size canvas as a special introductory deal! This coupon can be applied toward a larger size canvas, creative effects or beautiful frames! All you have to pay is shipping.

Sounds to good to be true right? As I always do before posting something I tested it out. Here is how it went:

Upload your photo (I did my kids)

Choose your size. I did 8×10 because it was free!

Pick a frame. These are extra so I declined.

Choose effects. These are extra so I went with no effects.


Total before shipping $0!


Total after shipping $14.95

SO YES! It is true! I just ordered mine and paid ONLY shipping! AMAZING!

Design your custom canvas here. Let me know what you decide to put on your canvas!


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