Tax Free Weekend

The are already promoting tax free weekend in Texas. At Walmart you see a big sign reminding you about it by the school supply section. An associate saw me shopping for school supply deals and asked if I knew about tax free weekend. :)

Here are the states that are currently participating in Tax Free Weekends in 2011:




Georgia (tentative)






New Mexico

North Carolina


South Carolina




West Virginia (dates not yet released)

If you do not live in a state that is participating (and ones not on this list could decide to any day now) and you live on the border consider a little bit further drive to save big!

Thanks A Frugal Chick for this list!

  • mary smith

    I can’t wait for tax free weekend here in VA! It is a great time to do school clothes shopping!

  • Jodi

    Cant wait, this is my fav time of year for shopping, I also get gifts for Christmas just to save alil extra money!

  • scott carroll

    Tax FREE weekends are AWESOME however PA government must be too stingy to have one for its citizens;(

  • Amy Brown Whitley

    I cannot wait for a tax free weekend in KY!! I think that would be spectacular.

  • Amelia

    Looking forward to tax free weekend!

  • Olivia

    GRRRR I live in Michigan and we do not have any of these nice incentives….I am happy for the one’s who do and hopefully we will have our’s someday…I don’t need an extra reason to shop :) But would love a reason to save extra cash for a few days. Happy shopping everyone.