Pur Minerals Review and TWO $100 Gift Card Giveaways

I am a mom stuck in a serious make up rut. I throw on the same brands every day. I do not put much thought into the ingredients or how good it is for my skin. That is so sad. But now that I am a mom I put myself last. Untill now! I just discovered the amazing Pur Minerals!

What is Pur Minerals:

As a beauty trendsetter, Pür Minerals is committed to offering a complete range of fashion-forward, pure pigment colours to suit all skin tones and types. As a skin fitness pioneer, we have taken our formulas one step further by adding skin-loving ingredients —like shea butter and vitamin E — to create a multitasking mineral collection that is always in style, easy to use and good for your skin.

How awesome! I had to try it! I went shopping online and actually spent a long time looking through all of the products. I was amazed. There is a tool, Pur Virtual Looks, that helps you “try on” the colors. There is also a Skin Care Planner and Make Up Planner that helps you choose the right products for your needs and skin type. After much time playing with those tools I decided on the new 4 in 1 pressed power, Pur Intensity Gel Eyeliner and the brushes needed for both: Eyeliner Makeup Brush and .

Pür Intensity Gel Eyeliner  (.17 oz/5 g) came packaged in a very small, compact container. When I opened I realized that there is alot packed into that small container. It is in gel form so it does not make a mess like many powders. Eyeliner is one thing I never leave the house without! I do have trouble finding 1 that does not smear or disappear. So I was THRILLED when I this gel liner stayed on and looked fresh all day!

I used the new Eyeliner Makeup Brush to apply the eyeliner. The gel was very easy to apply! I used the instructions online and it was very easy and fast! Because of the unique shape of the brush you control exactly where the eyeliner goes. The combination of the precise brush and the gel makes for very easy application and a very professional look! It is a no-fuss and  very easy method and therefore perfect for moms on the go!

My other item that I never leave the house without is is all over powder. I have a small compact that I use as I run out the door. So I really wanted to see how the 4-in-1 Pressed Mineral Makeup Foundation With SPF 15 would compare. I got the Chisel Makeup Brush to help with the application. This pressed powder is unlike any I have ever used before! It is a natural mineral makeup concealer, powder and SPF 15 protection all in one. On their site they call it the “One-minute mineral makeup miracle” and it IS! It goes on clean and fresh with the brush. I did not have the issue I normally do with parts being covered more than others. This compact also comes with a facial sponge for taking this on the go! When I applied it I loved that it looked so fresh and polished! And what is the most impressive thing is that in the HOT Houston heat it does not fade or sweat off. It stays on all day!

My days consist of errands, park visits, store runs, loading and unloading kids and cleaning. What is awesome about Pur Minerals is that even through all of  those things I can look and feel amazing. My make up stays fresh from the moment I leave the house till the moment I take it off! That is incredible! This is the perfect make up for a mom on the go! I would consider the 4 items I tried to be the great essentials. If you are just getting started like me you might want to start with these and build from there.


All of the items I tried can be purchase on the Pur Minerals site. The prices are perfect and a bargain for the amount and quality of make up you will receive!


Pur Minerals has partnered with LOLC to giveaway TWO $100 gift cards! You could purchase everything I tried and more with that! OR you could build on what you already have. The choice is completely up to you!

Disclosure: I received the above mentioned items at not cost for the purpose of the review. No monetary compensation was received. All opinions are 100% mine.

  • Nicole Starman

    I would love to buy the essentials for my daughter, she breaks out terribly with generic make up, this would be perfect for her!

  • Amy Craft

    I really want to try the 4 in one pressed mineral makeup!

  • aden mufleh

    Do you guys serious expect me to answer that ?!! come on look at the products EVERYTHING looks so amazing!!! i would need more than $100 LOOOOOL .I LOVE this site .Thanks for bringing it to my attention XOXO :)

  • Leona Evans

    I would buy some of everything that I could squeeze into the gift card amount to set my daughter up. She would absolutely love it!!


    I would definately be looking at purchasing foundation, I can never find one that doesn’t irritate my skin.

  • I would love to win a do it yourself spa package to do at home. I think it is convenient and private how about you?

  • Tina B.

    Would love to try their foundation or powders!

  • April

    Would love to try ALL of it! If I had to pick it would be foundation and powdercause I never can find foundation or powder that i like.

  • Kristy Bodle

    If I won I would buy something for myself I do not know yet. I would want to buy a bunch of stuff for my mom. She does so much for me.

  • Kyra C

    If I won, I would buy the starter kit & various skincare products, like the exfoliator & a moisturizer.

  • Jamie

    I would buy the Start Now Essentials Collection and maybe the Colour Correcting Primers and Mineral Glow powder.

  • Tara Torres

    I would buy foundation!

  • lala r

    i will buy their powder or foundation

  • Hi there, this is a well written post. I just bookmarked your site. To be frank, although I read many books in this area. I still learned quite a lot today. Kindly keep up the amazingly good post and I will be back soon.

  • amber

    i would love to try the 4 in 1 pressed mineral makeup

  • Sarah

    I would buy the Desert Sky Perfect Fit Eye Shadow Trio!

  • I have looked at these products for years, but haven’t tried them. I have to say the older i get the more i would love to give all of them a try! :)

  • Chalette S.

    Summer Beat the Heat Beach Kit, it’s on sale! And the 5-Piece Lucite Brush Collection for a total of $100.

  • lesliewnelson

    Wow, I already use some of your make up products so I would love to try the skin care items. At 51 I need all the help I can get. It isn’t easy to be this beautiful!

  • melissa n

    i would get the Summer Beat the Heat Beach Kit that would a great starter.

  • ranae johnson

    i would try the 4in 1 and whatever else i coud buy! iave heard othing but good about these products

  • If I won I would buy a variety of things, I would love to try some foundation, blush, and eye color. I also would invest in some nice brushes, they make a huge difference! Good luck to everyone!

  • Dawn Howell

    I would add some pout back to my ever thinning and lining lips. No one can resist a good pout.

  • alicia boarts

    If I won I would have to start with foundation…then I would have to try the gel eye liner…I never have luck with pencils.

  • Shelly Malicote

    If I won I would buy several things. Everything on the site looks amazing it would be hard to choose! I would definitely want something(s) from each category though! :)
    Thanks so much!

  • I think I would likely buy two of the summer beauty kits [which are on sale!]. One for me and one for my best girl friend!

  • lala r
  • Teri Martinez

    I would start with the foundation and then move to eye liner.

  • Angee Yousef

    I would buy my daughter Alyssa what ever she wanted with the $100 gift certificate.
    She is a great kid and is turning 16 soon!

  • Leann Lindeman

    I left a comment on the rafflecopter thingy.. maybe that wasn’t the right place. So I’ll post it here too. I would get the summer beauty kit.. all of it looks amazing. thanks for the chance to win.

  • Karla McGinnis

    I would love to be able to purchase this for my daughter. She is just learning to wear make-up. What better brand to start with!

  • If i won 100.00 i would buy the starter kit

  • Melena McLemore Nicholas

    I want to try their cleansers!

  • Mia D

    I would buy the goddess trio eyeshadow, mineral brow perfection and stock up on the 4-n-1 foundation :)

  • Amy Carey

    Summer beauty kit, Day to Night Look Kit and some Pout Plumping Lip Gloss. I would love to win this, I need new makeup! <3 <3 <3

  • Mia D
  • Amanda Brown

    I would buy a ton of foundation!

  • Amanda Brown
  • Amanda Brown
  • Amanda Brown
  • Amanda Brown
  • Amanda Brown
  • Nicole Starman

    I would love to try these for myself and my daughter who both have very sensitive skin!

  • Paula

    I would love to win this and love to try the other makeup. thanks1

  • Kristi McMorris

    If I won I would want to try all of the eye shadows and liners!!

  • Terri S Crum

    I goofed! I just realized that I have already entered this giveaway…so sorry…the first 3 entries were all I duplicated today. Sorry for the goof!
    tlcrum06 @ att dot net

  • Ashley H.

    I’d get some eye shadow.

  • Ashley

    If I won I would purchase; the start now essentials kit, the color correcting primer, the utility mineral make up brush. I’m going to a drug store tomorrow that carries this product to try it for my first time. I have very pale skin and have bin on the search for something pale, but offers a look that wont make me to zombie looking. Wish me luck! I’m excited!

  • Melissa Mosey

    Hi, I thought we were supposed to paste our comment links in the “extra info” part after we click “done”, and are we supposed to answer the 1st question about purminerals in the extra info space or down here in a comment? I did it in the extra info space… confused!

  • I love the pure foundation. I would love to get the whole set….primer, foundation and mineral veil. I need it….lol
    I checked out their site.

  • Pauline

    I would get the Start Now Essentials Collection and Summer Beat the Heat Beach Kit – (emscout9 at Hotmail dot com)

  • Lynn

    I would love to get a bunch of eye shadow and the foundation start up kit. My Mom got me started on this makeup and it’s really nice

  • Would love to win/try this. I’ve heard such good things about Pur minerals make-up!

  • jennifer brown

    I would just replace all of my old make up. This stuff looks great. Especially interested in getting the green primer.

  • Lori Lauderback

    Ohh, I would definately get a mineral lip tint kit, and some awesome makeup brushes. Thank you so much for this really great chance at some fantastic makeup!!!

  • Lee Ann Kaplan

    If I won the gift card I would pamper myself with : Pur intensity gel eyeliner in carbon along with the application brush, the start now kit in golden medium, pout plumping lipgloss in nealite sunset, Goddess Perfect Fit Eye Shadow Trio, and my two freebies would be Tone Up Eye Serum Sample (Free w. Purchase)
    and Pur-radiance. I would have to pay $4 out of pocket, but! if shipping wasnt free it would be more so I wont complain! I’m a busy mommy that hardly gets anything for herself and I would feel pretty and confident if I won! Thanks for the great giveaway!

  • Tina Berryman

    as much as i possibly could with the $100!! But I would start with the 4 in 1

  • Suzy

    If I won, I would get a bunch of Pressed Mineral Eye Shadow Singles! I love eyeshadows!


  • Rebecca Graham

    I would buy the 4-in-1 Pressed Mineral Makeup Foundation With SPF 15.

  • Margaret Smith

    If I won, I’d love to get the Universal Marble Mineral Powders and the Pür Rocks cheek color.
    Thanks so much.

  • Vicky Boackle

    i don’t know where to begin,this would be loads of fun.

  • I’d love to win this GC! I’d buy as much as possible! I love Pur Minerals. 😀

    outofthemist AT gmail DOT com

  • Brandie P

    I’d like to win so I could purchase foundation that wouldn’t irritate my skin. Since going vegan/all organic, makeup is hard to come by for me and when I do find something I can use, I usually can’t afford it. I’ve been wanting to try this brand for a while. What a cool give away.

  • brenda helgeson

    I love the primer because the foundation minerals irratate my skin without it.

  • melissa pruitt

    I would get the Start Now Essentials Collection and Summer Beat the Heat Beach Kit ! Everything looks good!

  • Kim

    So many of the products look great, but I wound start with the starter kit, mineral lip tint kits, and some eye shadows.

  • Vee

    I’d love to get the 4-in-1 Pressed Mineral Makeup Foundation With SPF 15 and the Pressed Mineral Blush

    sswpss at yahoo dot com

  • ferriz

    So many options! I would totally get some pressed mineral blush, the day to night look kit, and the 5-Piece Lucite Brush Collection!


  • Trish Froehner

    Not sure if you want the answer to the question here or in the Rafflecopter form, so I’m doing both. I would love to get an assortment of their Pressed Mineral Eye Shadow Singles and the Pür Rocks. Thanks for a great giveaway!

  • Jessica

    Their Petal Pout Lip Gloss sticks look fantastic–I’m always looking for a great lip gloss. And it’s just about time to pick up some new fall makeup colors.

  • Betsy

    If I won I would get The Day to Night Look Kit.

  • Henrietta

    Would love to try!

  • Ana

    Would love to try, I need to update my makeup. :)

  • Grace

    I would replace all of my cheap makeup for this high-end fabulous makeup!

  • Belle Windham

    I would get the correcting primer, 4in1 foundation, mineral eye prep and some brushes.

  • brandy g.

    I would get the Goddess Perfect Fit Eye Shadow Trio, Pout Plumping Lip Gloss, and the Natural Beauty Mini Face Palette.

  • courtney

    please include me! would love the plumping lip gloss!

  • Alison T.

    I would definitely have to buy the Colour Correcting Primer.

    supaflychikenpi2 AT gmail DOT com

  • Rebecca Peters

    I would get the mineral glow

  • Kiara

    I would get the Pressed Mineral Eye Shadow.

  • Christine

    like mineral lip tint kit

  • Lucy

    I would get the Summer Beat the Heat Beach Kit!

  • Amber

    I would get Moisture Infusion, Lemon Mineral Wash and See No More pore-minimizing serum!

  • Sandy Brown

    first let me say it was hard to choose, so much makeup so little time. 😉 but I finally wittled down to choosing skin care, be firm; tone up; and the lemon mineral wash

  • Denise B.

    One item I would get is “Work It Off”.

  • These are the best makeup brushes on the market. I’ve been drooling over them. : )

  • Michelle Spayde

    I think that I would buy some of the kits that are on sale! I really like the Day to Night Look Kit!!

  • Sylvie W

    Since I would be starting from scratch with Purminerals I would first purchase the START NOW ESSENTIALS COLLECTION to learn how to use the product and determine what works best for me.

  • darlene miller bohannon

    i would get the day to night kit for 74.00

  • Leah Walker

    I would LOVE to have the Summer Beat the Heat Beach Kit.

  • Jean F

    This would be a great win, thanks!

  • brittney

    i would get the island eyes palette

    brittneydejajason at gmail dot com

  • I’d get the Mineral Moisture Complex, I’m a sucker for a good moisturizer.

  • Lori Hart

    I would get the “Beat the heat” summer kit

  • amy deeter

    4-in-1 Pressed Mineral Makeup Foundation With SPF 15.

  • LAMusing

    I’d get a starter kit and a pressed mineral foundation

  • monte777@comcast.net

    love Pur Minerals

  • jen gersch

    I would love to get some mineral lip tint kit

  • Jackie Stone

    I would buy the foundation, powder, and brushes.

  • Melissa Nassraway

    I would get anything!! i have no foundation or powder so probably that first.

  • I would buy the START NOW ESSENTIALS COLLECTION and 4-in-1 Pressed Mineral Makeup Foundation Travel Size in Blush Medium, for starters :)


  • christina yoder

    would love to win this.

  • Erin Cook

    I would love to win this!

  • love mineral make up ,its so clean feeling and safe

  • Annette D

    I would love to give it a try! Thanks for the chance!

  • Letessha W

    I want to try Summer Beat the Heat Beach Kit

  • susan smoaks

    if i won, i would get the summer beauty kit

  • Pauline M

    Since I’ve never used this before, I would go with the starter kit!

  • Michelle Huck

    I would buy the summer starter kit.

  • Malena

    If I won $100 gift card I would buy new eye shadows and blush from Pur Minerals. I discovered Pur Minerals last weekend (I normally buy Bare Essentials but they no longer have a color that matches my skin) and I absolutely love it!! Now, just to switch everything over.

  • melissa salyer

    definatly some powder and eyeshadow

  • Tawnya S

    I would like the 4-in-1 Pressed Mineral Makeup Foundation With SPF 15, gel eyeliner, and some brushes!

  • Jill Lombardo (cape coupons)

    The start now essential kit to start me off

  • carol lewis

    I would love to try the starter kit.
    spcale at yahoo dot com.

  • Courtney Kroyer-Warren

    I would save the card for my grandma and give it to her for her big 7-0 birthday!

  • Elizabeth

    I would buy; Nature’s Paradise Palette & Brush, Day to Night Look Kit, Mineral Shea Butter Lipstick, and Red Ruby Mineral Shea Butter Lipstick!

    Man, I really hope I win now!

  • tallcapp

    I would buy Impact Mascara and Petal Pout Lip Gloss Sticks

  • Donna K

    I want the 4-in-1 Pressed Mineral Makeup Foundation