Free Credit Score and Updates!

I just received an email notifying me that my credit score had changed. I received it because I have a free account with Credit Karma who keeps an eye on my score! I logged on and was thrilled to see how my score has changed in the last 2 months! I wanted to remind you all about this site and tool that I use to monitor my score. NOT JUST MY CREDIT REPORT! I know that you can get a credit report on several sites but this is the first one that really gives me my score for free. You get your 100% free credit score instantly, securely, and safely. How awesome is that?

Credit Karma provides truly free credit scores to consumers direct from the credit bureaus. Your scores are retrieved securely with no hidden fees.Use the free credit report card to learn more about your credit report and score. Credit Karma really does give you a free credit score. Then you will also be notified of changes and updates to your score.

So if you have been wanting to see your score you should visit Credit Karma today!

  • Michael

    Thank you for this valuable information, I am going to try this out now.
    I always have trouble handling my credits, so this is going to be useful to me .

    Thanks again