HappyBellies Organic Baby Cereal Only $2.82 each!

HAPPYBELLIES Organic Baby Cereals, DHA, & Pre & Probiotics +Choline, Organic Oatmeal Cereal, 7-oz. Containers (Pack of 6) is on sale for $19.99 on Amazon. You can save an additional 15% off by signing up for subscribe and save. You can cancel it after you order. By signing up for subscribe and save you pay only $16.94 for the pack of 6 organic baby cereal. That is $2.82 each. At my Target these are priced at $3.79 each. So this is a sweet deal!

  • I am so happy to feed my baby organic food. I used to mix a probiotic into the food but with this product, it’s already in there so it is much more convenient. My baby likes this especially when I mix it with a veggie or fruit puree. As an added benefit, this rice cereal doesn’t ‘bind’ up my baby the way Earth’s Best does, so the form of iron in this cereal must be better for him. I used to think it was the rice that was binding him, but as soon as we changed to this brand, he was all better.