Steven Curtis Chapman re:creation: My Review & The Story Behind The Music #ReCreation


Multi-Platinum Selling and GRAMMY-Award Winning Artist

Steven Curtis Chapman’s  re:creation released August 9

Today, August 9, multi-platinum selling artist Steven Curtis Chapman will unveil Re:creation , his 17th album release over his iconic 20 + year career.

The new album features five new songs from the five-time GRAMMY ® Award winner and all new re-imagined recordings of his eight biggest hits. (See full track listing below)The entire record has a progressive and fresh acoustic sound, which reflects the energy and life found in the songs. The title speaks to the actual recreation of these songs, which are entirely new re-recordings in a new musical space. More and most importantly though, the word recreation speaks to the new life God is now recreating for Chapman and his family as they walk forward in their lives.

re:creation Track Listing: (*not final sequence)

  • Do Something
  • Long Way Home
  • Live Out Loud
  • Great Adventure
  • Heaven In The Real World
  • Speechless
  • For The Sake Of The Call
  • Magnificent Obsession
  • Meant To Be
  • More To This Life
  • All That’s Left Is To Love
  • Morning Has Broken
  • Dive

Words from Steven Curtis Chapman:

“I felt like this was an opportunity for me to tell people that my family and I really do feel like God is recreating some things in us. Last year was so hard with Mary Beth writing her book and our family doing the tour. It was our year to say, ‘okay we’re going to stand on faith and hold onto each other.’ That’s when the full force of the pain started to hit us. But now, in 2011, by God’s grace we really have the sense we are beginning to see the sunrise. As the song says, ‘joy is coming in the morning!’ We feel like morning is really starting to break for us and we’re beginning to sense there is new life starting to sprout. The real morning is still yet to come when we finally get to see Maria again in heaven, but as a family and individually we’re beginning to feel like there’s oxygen coming back into our lungs. My wife talks about it in terms of being in a forest for the last several years; in a very dense, dark forest. It’s only been recently that we started to feel like God is standing on the edge of that forest saying, ‘I want to bring you out of the forest, and your daughter is ahead of you. She’s a greater part of your future than she is of your past. And I’m leading you out, I’m leading you into this new place.’ It’s a new beginning for us and I really felt like I wanted to say that.”

A little about the songs: The first single from the album “Do Everything,” recently made its debut at radio and in one week over 28 stations added it to their playlist, making it the most added song at Christian radio last week. Chapman opens up about the upbeat anthem in a personal video shown here.The poignant anthem “All That’s Left” was inspired by what Steven’s eldest son Caleb said at Maria’s memorial service.Rounding out new tracks from Steven is “Long Way Home.” This quirky song features the unique sound of the ukulele. You can’t help but smile when you hear that instrument!“Morning Has Broken,” a 1931 hymn that was a pop hit for Cat Stevens in the 70’s. It features his son, Caleb. Coming from a traditional church that signs hymns, I LOVE this song. It is so simple and yet powerful!The very last line of the lyric says, ‘sing with elation, God’s recreation of a new day’ and Chapman says, “When I saw that word “recreation,” that was the word I wanted to use to title this album.”The other aspect to the meaning behind re:creation’s title is the opportunity Chapman has taken to re-imagine and completely re-record such classics as “Live Out Loud,” “For the Sake of the Call,” “The Great Adventure,” “Speechless,” and “Heaven in the Real World.” Each has been recreated to have a fresh meaning.

My thoughts: Steven Curtis Chapman has been through so much and is such an inspiration to me! When we were going through a dark journey of not being able to get pregnant and we were so sad and confused I attended a Steven Curtis Chapman concert with my sister in law. That night changed my life! I was inspired by Chapman to start the adoption process. In the end God had other plans for us. But the  entire journey was an amazing journey for us. Chapman and his family was a source of strength and encouragement for me and my husband during the adoption process. A few years ago when he lost his daughter my heart ached for him. I think that would have to be the ultimate test of faith! Chapman held strong.  He was honest about his feelings. He did not hide that he was hurting in a horrible way and being tested. But he stayed strong to what he knew to be true. That was the most amazing example of faith and trust in God!

That is why I was thrilled to hear about this new album! He has again shared his love and faith with us through his music.  I have heard these songs through a press release and they are all fabulous! If you are already a Chapman fan you will know many of these and will be excited at the recreation of the songs. Read about my personal story and how on song, Do Everything, touched my heart here. The awesome thing about this album is that no mater who you are and what you do there is a song that will touch your heart! It it is the ultimate encouraging CD!  I don’t know about you but I need encouragement right now!

If you need encouragement today take a moment to check out my personal post and then go get this cd! You do not have to wait any longer! You don’t even have to go to the store! You can get the songs directly from Itunes or Amazon right now! Re:creationis only $7.99 on Amazon! Or purchase each song for only $.99 each on itunes.

I want to hear which song is your favorite! Let me know! Comment on Facebook, join the conversation on  Twitter using #ReCreation or leave a comment here!You can also connect with Steven Curtis Chapman on Facebook and Twitter .Let’s get the word out about how awesome Re:creation by Steven Curtis Chapman is!


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