24 Hour Flash Giveaway : The Help Prize Pack–CLOSED

24 Hour Giveaway! Win a Prize Pack!

See the winner here.

The original winner of the “Help Prize Pack” giveaway has not replied. Nor has the 2nd or 3rd winner. I need a winner! So I am going to open this post up for 24 hours starting NOW! It will end at noon CST Saturday 8/27/11.

PLEASE NOTE: If you enter BE SURE you have signed up for the daily emails and are following Living on Love and Cents on Facebook. This is the best way to be sure that you find out if you are the winner. I post the winner here on the blog and I email the winner. Many people do not get my emails. It is up to you to check in and see if you won! I usually will post on Facebook if I am still waiting to hear back from a winner. So again, be sure you are following and checking back for winners.

Through my partnership with Disney and Dreamworks you have an opportunity to win these prizes! 1 Living on Love and Cents reader will win an awesome “The Help” Prize Pack!


THE HELP t-shirt in adult female sizes of S, M, L, XL

THE HELP pocket jotter & pen


THE HELP nail file/mirror

How to Enter:

Since this is a 24 hour giveaway I am doing it different. There will be no rafflecopter for this giveaway. To enter simply  leave a comment below. You can come back 1 time per hour to enter. So you can have up to 24 entries for this giveaway! Winner will chosen via “And the Winner Is” and will be announced on Saturday 8/27/11 at 12:30 pm CST.

Comment ideas:

  • Leave your favorite post of the week.
  • Tell me what you would like to see more of at Living on Love and Cents.
  • Tell me your plans for the weekend.
  • Tell me a great deal you found this week.
  • Be creative, tell me what’s on your mind. :)


  1. Gaye says

    Thanks for all you do to “help” each of us save money. My heart goes out to the single moms who can’t make ends meet. Hugs of encouragement today to all those who need a hug!!! :)

  2. Jennifer Hernandez says

    We are going to fire up the grill today. Got some chicken on sale today and are going to cook it with some burgers and hot dogs!

  3. DawnM says

    If you have not seen “The Help” you should really take out some time this weekend to see it. It is an excellent thought provoking movie. If i wasn’t so sick i would go see it again. But definately the best movie I have seen this year!

  4. Holli Moore says

    I am getting my wedding dress altered and preparing for my weekend. What are you doing this weekend? I hope everyone is safe from Hurricane Irene.

  5. Sarah reyna says

    My plans for this weekend are to go to church and hangout with the family and do something special for my husbands birthday!

  6. Mary Ellen Davison says

    Our plans for the weekend are to celebrate both our son & son-in-law’s birthdays on Sat. with their families at Nana & Papa’s home. There will be 10 here: our grown kids & their spouses, and our grandchildren: 1 12 year old boy, and his 3 year old twin brothers, and our 2 year old granddaughter, who will have twin brothers this fall!!! So, this will be our smaller immediate famly get together for awhile! But it’s so much fun!

  7. says

    My plans for this weekend include spending time with my son, hoping the hurricane doesn’t hit us hard, enjoying the service at church on Sunday and working on my new blog.

  8. Jennifer Bedoya says

    I LoVeD the awesome giveaways that happened on Facebook this week! : )) Super Exciting! : )))

    Thanks for the chance to win this cool prize pack!

    -Jennifer B.

  9. Holli Moore says

    I love the post I’m A Mom Smiling Though Tears As Kindergarten Nears I can relate my son is about to start kindergarten in September. My how days go by so fast.

  10. Jennifer Bedoya says


    The good deal I found this week was the $3 off Veet Wax Strips plus the Gatorade Scenario at Walgreens! : ))

    -Jennifer B.

  11. Jennifer Bedoya says


    Something I did today! I saw a post on the Rachel Ray Facebook Page about sending in a story if you didn’t have a big wedding and wanted to renew your vows. I wrote in…AND got a response back! Me and my Hubby may be on the show! Woot Woot!

    -Jennifer B.

  12. says

    I am wondering how to get followers for my new blog? I know once I start the giveaways I will get followers but I need to have a decent amount before I do my first giveaway so that it’s fair to the sponsor. I have my first sponsor and she is giving away a custom cloth diaper. Any tips on getting followers?

  13. Kat F. says

    I’m always surprised to hear that someone didn’t claim their prize when they were emailed with details. I like it when winners receive email notification as opposed to blogs listing winners on their site & not notifying the winner directly. :)
    fastkat at gmail dot com

  14. Jennifer Bedoya says

    Something that’s on my mind….this Cheer Giveaway! This guy Steve got all the good prizes! Clothes, beanies, iPod, guitar, and the bike today! That is craziness! I got flip flops and cheer lol! : ) would love to see more giveaways like that! Super cool!

    -Jennifer B.

  15. Michelle Hayden says

    I would love to win this…one of my favorite books! Looking forward to Farmers’ Markets this weekend :)

  16. Kristina Lanning says

    I am praying for my husband and his unit as the are marching in the RUCK MARCH TO REMEMBER 9/11. LETS GO LANGLEY AFB! YOU CAN DO THIS! this would be a great thing to win while he is away for an amazing reason adn then leaving for storm work in VA BEACH. =/

  17. Jill A. Collins says

    I can’t believe that your winners haven’t responded. I’d love to win! Boo on them – LOL!

  18. Bridget M Williams says

    Are you sure you want to hear what’s on my mind? lol…well then here goes….it’s been a long week and i know it still has alot to go for me and i am thinking about how much i still have to do, with 7 kids in the house i need a break…tomorrow birthday dinner and cake for the 14 year old, thinking i should be clipping coupons tonight instead of on facebook, and wishing hubby was not working 15-16 hour days in this heat, and wishing i had an ooooey gooey brownie and a good book! lol

  19. Lynne says

    I’ve seen the movie and highly recommend it~ As for my weekend plans – I will be helping Camp Wartburg, an amazing summer camp in Waterloo, IL raise funds by volunteering at their dinner auction~

  20. Judy Harrison says

    All I do is take care of hubby==To HOT to do anything else so we are going to stay in, keep cool, and watch football this weekend. I would like to maybe see more hings for us Seniors and maybe grocery coupons, We retirees can use all the help we can get.

  21. Jennifer Bedoya says

    Was thinking how much I would LoVe to win this! Would totally help me get organized! Plus the shirt is CuTe!

    -Jennifer B.

  22. Kathie S says

    Have got to share my favorite post of the week! Here goes: A real woman always keeps her house clean and organized, the laundry basket is always empty. She’s always well dressed, hair done. She never swears, behaves gracefully in all situations and all circumstances. She has more than enough patience to take care of her family, always has a smile on her lips, and a kind word for everyone. Post this as your status if you, too, have just realized that you might be a man.

  23. Tiffany says

    I will most likely be staying in for most of the weekend because of the storm. But, I’ll get to catch up on the deals and re-organize my coupon binder! :)

  24. Wendy Barnes Hudson says

    If you haven’t seen the HELP yet, first read the book. It is much better than the movie…then go see it all played out on screen. Awesome actresses!

    • carolyn says

      I enjoy lots of differnt things that you post-The movie was good but it made me sad to realize that we still have so far to go to get rid of prejudice-I want to shout wake up- WE ARE ALL SOMEONE IMPORTANT TO SOMEONE -ITS EASY TO BE KIND-START WITH A SMILE OR A SIMPLE HELLO!

  25. Jennifer Bedoya says

    Last one before bed……. : (

    My favorite part of this website is the Health part! That’s what should be most important in everyones life!

    Night! Will start again sooon!

    -Jennifer B.

  26. Jennifer Bedoya says

    Starting to comment again! Up and at work now. Plans for the day….work…work…work….Excited about the Cheer Giveaway today! : ))

    -Jennifer B.

  27. Mattie Lou says

    I am sitting at home waiting for Hurricane Irene to begin. It just started raining and we are bracing for the worst as we are in the Hurricane warning area (MD). Hopefully I won’t need any “help” to clean up the mess tomorrow.

  28. Jennifer Bedoya says

    Thinking about all my coupons and what store I should hit up after work!? Thinking about using the 20% off pass for Kohls! : )))

    -Jennifer B.

  29. Kenna R says

    This sounds like a quick, fun giveaway!! This weekend I am recuperating from the grandchildren!! Love them, love them, love them! I do know why God gave children to the young folks!! Thanks!!

  30. Jennifer Bedoya says

    Last comment before this ends! Good Luck to everyone! You needed dedication to do this one yall! : ))) Have a great weekend!

    -Jennifer B.

  31. brandy mills says

    Thanks for the second chance! I have been looking forward to this pack! But I just sas you had no claims..so no 24 entries here:-( This weekend I am enjoying my family. And the best deal I found this week was restaurant using the code tasty:-)

  32. Amanda says

    This weekend I am asking for “help” from friends that have become like family to “help” my daughter and I start over.

  33. Michelle Hayden says

    Thanks for the giveaway!! I’m really looking forward to seeing the movie with my mother and daughter. Happy Saturday!

  34. Robyn E says

    What I have planned for the weekend is today stay home and watch the weather
    channel and see how the hurricane is effecting the east coast.

    I have a true passion for what is happening, I reside in Hawaii, where we are
    a sure target for them !

    My heart goes out to these people, it is so scarey, the size of this thing is
    enormous !

    God Bless them all ! Be safe !

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