Deal Site Announcement! Gaggle of Chicks Joins Juice in the City!

This just in… Gaggle of Chicks is now part of Juice in the City!

That is right! If you are a fan of daily deal sites run by moms then you are probably familiar with Gaggle of Chicks and Juice in the City. I post Juice in the City deals weekly for my Houston readers. SO I am excited to say that this is exciting for Juice in the City fans!

Notes from Juice in the City:

That’s right: the Gaggle of Chicks community has become part of the fast-growing Juice in the City community.  That means our network of fun, active moms has gotten even stronger – and our mom-sourced, mom-experienced and mom-recommended Juice deals will reach more towns, more homes and more moms just like you.

Those of you who worked with or purchased deals from Gaggle of Chicks are probably asking about your Gaggle of Chicks credits and vouchers. I did some research and it looks like you can still access your accounts and will be able to untill November 1,2011. All of your coupons will still be valid and will be accepted by the merchants through their expiration date. Any credits you have in your account are unfourchuntely lost. Since there are no new deals you can not use them on their site and Juice in the City can not accept Gaggle of Chick credits. It is VERY important if you have a question about this or your Gaggle account you need to contact them NOW!

“From the Gaggle of Chicks website: If you have questions, please write us at After November 1, 2011, Gaggle of Chicks will no longer provide customer support.”

On a HAPPY note if you are new to Juice in the City you will LOVE them! They are run my moms. Each deal s picked by moms for moms! Check them out today. Today’s deal for Houston is a great Book Deal! Be sure to sign up for a free Juice account so that you don’t miss any deals! You can also share with your friends and start earning credits for Juice in the City!