Homemade Dryer Sheets (DIY Fabric Softeners)

How to make your own fabric softener sheets

A great way to reduce spending is to make your own cleaning and laundry supplies. This week I experimented with something when I ran out of dryer sheets. I did not have any coupons and I was NOT going to pay full price for dryer sheets. So out of this need came this idea.
You will need:

  • washcloths/ dishcloths
  • fabric softener of choice
  • bowl

How to make dryer sheets?

  1. Place your cloths in the bowl spaced out.
  2. Pour a small amount of fabric softener on the cloths (You only need a little on each)
  3. Rub the fabric softener into each cloth very well
  4. Hang from a high dry place to let dry
  5. Once dry throw one into the dryer with your clothes
  6. Clothes come out fresh with no residue!
  7. Cloths should last a few washes

This also makes a fabulous air freshener! As the washcloths hang to dry the smell of the softener fills the air.
For those looking for a more natural option a great alternative to fabric softener is white vinegar. I use this as a fabric softener all the time. For the washer pour it in at the rinse cycle or pour in the fabric softener dispenser. Don’t worry your clothes will NOT smell like vinegar! But they will be very soft and fresh!



  1. Brenda says

    I have a question…can you use the vinegar to soak the fabric cloths? Because my front-loader bleach dispenser is broken, I have no way to add vinegar to the wash.

  2. Amanda McMannes says

    Now that I’m a SAHM and we can’t afford for me to work with 3 kids I’m trying to find ways to save $. This looks awesome. After the 4 washes do IjIjust resoak and redry? When should I wash them? I hope these don’t sound stupid. Lol. Thank you! Amd thank you for sharing this!

  3. Aurelie Higgins says

    Each year I work as the camp nurse for our church denomination. At the end of the camp there are more towels washcloths and bedding than I can count. I take it home wash it all in homemade soap and rinse in vinegar. The ones that are good I take to the residential center for battered women and children. The rest I cut in squares and make fabric softener sheets, and give them with instructions to the the clients that come to our free food pantry. Each month I try to give the people at least two money saving ideas to the disadvantaged…ones I use myself. This idea is a great one. Using it makes them feel good about their clothes, poor perhaps but finding ways to not feel quite so poor.


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