Giveaway! Win a Kitchen Aid Stand Up Mixer


The Mavens are back at again… trying to find what you want and give you a chance to take that home with you!

Have you had a Kitchen Aid stand up mixer on your wish list? I know quite a few people who have. So how about instead of hunting down a deal you just get it in the mail for free?

Simply “like” all of the pages listed and fill out the form below.

The Coupon Challenge

Cincinnati Cents

Coupons Are Great

Just Trying To Save Money

Living On Love And Cents

A Frugal Chick

Madame Deals

This Momma Loves Her Bargains

Mom On Dealz

Saving Toward A Better Life

Stretching Your Budget

We Use Coupons

Time 2 Save


We will wait to purchase the mixer until after the give away is over (so we can be sure to get the correct color for the winning kitchen) but you can see the many options on Amazon here.

All persons entering the contest must be 18 years or older and have a mailing address in the U.S. The winner will be chosen randomly on September 19th, 2011 at noon E.S.T. There is only one entry per person. In order to win prize the winner must like all 13 blogs on facebook at the time of winner selection. After the winner is selected they will be contacted by the give away coordinator to select their prize. If they do not reply to the e-mail within 48 hours a new winner will randomly be chosen.

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  1. Stephanie Shermer says:

    Great site!

  2. Cammie Coburn says:


    I just liked all the sponsors of the Kitchen Aid mixer giveaway. Thanks for doing this.

  3. Virginia Knutsen says:

    This would be perfect for my college bound child….thank you for having this offer.

  4. I just liked everyone—they were mostly already on my FB! Y’all do a great job!

    • Lisa Lopp Anderson says:

      I did all of this like you did but there wasn’t a form to fill out. Just wanted to ask you if your page had a form on it or what am I doing wrong?

  5. missy wilber says:

    I already “like” them all, so im set!! Good luck everyone!! :)

  6. thanks for this offer i didnt see a form to fill out though to make sure im in the drawing i liked all the above sites and LOVE kitchen aid

  7. Thanks for this great offer. I have wanted one for awhile now just don’t have the funds. Thanks again! Good luck!!

  8. Sherry Fowler says:

    I have officially “liked” all required sites! I love doing this! I get more info than ever from all of these sites!

  9. Only had to newly like a couple! :D

  10. Talisha Palmer says:

    I liked all of the above pages when you first put this post up, but for some reason I don’t think my comment got posted. I am sure I probably didn’t hit the post button :). Just wanted to thank you for this opportunity!!! I too already “liked” most of the above pages as well. I would LOVE to have this mixer…I mean who wouldn’t!

  11. Angela Westfall says:

    Is there another form or is this the one mentioned? Haha Sorry I have another headache today and am just not thinking so well. : ) I really hope I win this one! Would love to have one. The color doesn’t even matter

  12. Kelly Powell says:

    I am always looking for ways to save money so adding some of the sponsers I didn’t already have is great!!!

  13. Total awesomeness. What a great giveaway. Good luck to everyone! :)

  14. I liked all the Sponsors! Thanks for the giveaway and your wonderful site!

  15. Amber Thompson says:

    Thank you for the opportunity to enter the contest!

  16. April Harvell says:

    Liked everyone…

  17. I already like them all!! I have wanted one of these for awhile. Thanks for giving us the opportunity to try and win one!

  18. I have asked for one of these and hoping to get one but would love to get it FREE! I have always wanted a Kitchen aid mixer. My nanny had one and when she passed my Aunt took it before any one else could ask for it!

  19. Angela Harding says:

    I have wanted a Kitchen Aid mixer for the longest! GL every1!

  20. I liked all the websites :)

  21. Jennifer Hopkins says:

    What an awesome giveaway! Good luck to everyone! I know I have been wanting one of these to add to my kitchen. Congrats to whoever wins it!!

  22. Melissa Peck says:

    It would be nice to win but I’m just glad I got the chance to enter.

  23. I would love to have one of them. I have always wanted one as long as i can remember.

  24. Jennifer Neyland says:

    I liked everyone…would love to win, having been wanting one of these for a long time :)

  25. Cynthia Harris says:

    I already have one, but I would love to win one for my sister who doesn’t use the internet. She’s wanted one for a long time!

  26. Liked them all and crossing my fingers!! Just bought my FIRST house and would love a mixer to go with my new kitchen!!!!! :)

  27. Tiffiny Palm says:

    I liked all the sponsors and was already following living on love and cents :0) This is so great, I do a lot of baking and cooking! Thank you for this great giveaway! Good luck to everyone!
    My fb name is Tiff Palm

  28. I liked all of the blogs! But I didn’t see a form to fill out? I hope this entry here counts. If not, please let me know. I would love to win!! Thank you!! =)

  29. Hi, I had already been fans for most of the sponsors but just became a fan of the rest :) My facebook name is Mikeand Renee.

    I have been wanting a mixer forever. Thanks for the chance!!!

    BTW I couldn’t find a form so I hope commenting is OK.

  30. I just liked all the sites! I have been wanting one of these for forever!!

  31. Annette Byrne says:

    I have been waiting for one of these mixers for a long time. I added all blogs.


  32. Chris Campbell says:

    I ‘liked’ on all the websites. So now there’ll be ever MORE good deal info coming my way! Thanks!

  33. Luciana Viramontes says:

    LIked all the pages. Would love this! My cheaper one broke! :(

  34. Chelsea Jones says:

    I liked all the sites & I want a Kitchen Aid mixer soooooo bad!!!! It would be AWESOME to win one

  35. I liked all of the sponsors of the giveaway, now I’ll sit back and keep my fingers crossed that I win!!

  36. Lisa Lopp Anderson says:

    On the sites above most if them I have already liked and there were two I hadn’t yet so I went there and liked them. My question is that above it says like all of these and then fill out the form below but there isn’t form showing up on here. Can you help me because I really want to enter this because I have always wanted one of these mixers but could never afford one.

  37. Dawniel Stewart says:

    The Hamilton Beach (kinda cheapo) mixer that I got as a wedding gift 12 years ago broke on me 9 months ago! I have been using a hand-held whisk to try and mix batter and homemade icing since and I think that I am getting carpal tunnel! I haven’t gotten a new mixer because, one I can’t afford it unless it is something we can’t live without (umm…still working on my hubs with the necessity of one!) and two because I really want a Kitchen Aid but really can’t afford that for sure! I am an avid baker and I take on orders from friends, family and my church relies on me for all of their baking needs. I JUST GOTTA WIN THIS MIXER! I ‘liked’ all of the pages and am crossing my poor carpal tunnel fingers! ;)

  38. Debbie McLeroy says:

    I have liked all pages Thank you for doing this giveaway

  39. What a great giveaway …. I liked all the sites …. itsjustjewels = )

  40. Solenia Cain says:

    This would be such a blessing to win. I just started a home-based cake decorating business and I’ve been using a hand held mixer. Thank you so much for offering this!

  41. Liked all the FB pages.I have always wanted a Kitchen Aid mixer but never had the money to get one.Thank you for such a great giveaway!

  42. Crystal Kramer says:

    “Liked” all of the sponsors! Awesome giveaway~thanks so much!!

  43. Amanda Gray says:

    I Already like them all but there is no form so i am commenting here! thanks for the giveaway!

  44. Carissa Smith says:
  45. I was already liked some but just finished liking the rest. But did not see a form to complete. Would really like to win this mixer, I love to cook and bake but on disability can not afford a mixer as nice as this.

  46. Amy Brown Whitley says:

    I liked all of the FB pages but I didn’t see a form. Hope this enters me into the drawing?

    amybrown16 (at) insightbb (dot) com

  47. Shanda Gaunt says:

    I would really love to win this mixer! Thanks for all your advice on your websites-it’s appreciated!

  48. I had already “liked” some of the pages, but now i have liked them all.
    This would be a dream gift! I have been wanting one of these mixers FOREVER and we never have the money or it’s not in the budget for gift giving time. This would be an awesome blessing to receive.

  49. Lori Voyles says:

    I like all the blogs on FB. I would love to win this mixer. ;)

  50. Amber Giger says:

    I have loved the KitchenAid stand mixers for many years and want one of my own, so I’ve “liked” the pages listed above.

  51. Alisha B C. says:

    I liked on the sites on FB!!

  52. Liked all the FB sites!

  53. Carol Pennington says:

    Would love to win this mixer for my daughter…

  54. Would love to win this mixer. My mixer is 15 yrs old.

  55. Crystal Adkins says:

    Thanks so much! Ive been wanting one of these for YEARS and can taste all the great things I can make..Yummy! Having one of these on your counter is like advertising “I know how to cook and bake and I take pride in it”…lol

  56. I liked all the pages!

  57. Renee Thompson says:

    I have liked all on facebook

  58. I liked all of the pages! Would loooooove to win :-)

  59. Michelle Schlund says:

    Kitchen Aid is AWESOME!! I love these mixers! My mom has had one for years, and I sure do miss having it when I make chocolate chip cookies!!!

  60. I liked all the pages before 12 PM. So I was wondering who won?

  61. Connie Baker says:

    Where is the Winner Posted?

  62. Hi There Heather,
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