7-Day Doubt Diet Day 3: Trigger Points (Devotional)

I have joined Time 2 Save Workshops in the 7-day Doubt Diet, if you haven’t signed up, don’t put it off YOU are worth it. Get your free copy here. You’ll need your own copy to read as we won’t copy each days entire devotion. We’ll go through the devotion each day together sharing scripture, encouragement, doubts, fears, and insecurities that have taken up residence in our hearts. The 7-Day Doubt Diet includes seven foundational truths from different chapters of A Confident Heart.

The following is a guest post from
Time 2 Save Workshops.  A HUGE thank you to Kasey for leading us in this devotional!.

Food for thought: The
LORD turned to him and said, “Go in the strength you have .… Am I not sending
you?” (Judges 6:14 NIV)

On Day 3 Renee beings by asking, “Maybe you’ve sensed God leading you to participate in a ministry, but doubt has convinced you that you’re not smart enough or gifted enough. Perhaps you wanted to have kids, and now you have a family but you doubt you really have what it takes to be a good mom. Or maybe you’ve wanted to change jobs and now have the opportunity to do just that. But you don’t want to go because you’re afraid of failing at something new.

.Then she turns to a story in the bible about Gideon, from Judges chapter 6. His doubts and insecurities told him that he wasn’t anointed, God didn’t call him, there was a mistake he would fail. As you read the chapter you see that he begins to make progress as he changes his thoughts to reflect God’s thoughts.

.Then, life happened and Gideon faced a conflict and defeat. He didn’t believe that he was the warrior that God said he was. Instead he believed,”But how can I save Israel? My clan is the weakest in Manasseh, and I am the least in my family” (Judges 6:15). The angel of the Lord said he was a great warrior and Gideon tel Why would he struggle when the angel of the Lord is standing in front of him? His past spoke louder than the promise of his future.

.Hurts, insecurities and broken dreams from our past have a powerful influence over our thought life. We have a filter in our mind that has been shaped by our life experience. Everthing we hear has to go through that filter before it reaches our ears. Recognizing those things that trigger our emotions is the focus of today’s devotion.I began to ask myself what negative emotions do I experience the most. It didn’t take but a second for insecurity to raise it’s ugly head..

Those of you who don’t know me, I am six foot tall. When I was a little girl people called me BIG BIRD, and it wasn’t meant as a compliment. I desperatly wanted to shrink so no one would notice me . I was so tall for my age people would say things like, “My, you are tall. Do you think you’ve stopped growing yet.” “You are two heads taller than so and so, aw she’s so cute look at her and her cute little feet isn’t she a doll.”

.At school on picture day I always knew what was coming, “Oh dear, honey you need to get in the very back you are so much taller than everyone else, even the boys. My Lord, that’s right keep backing up. Just as far back as you can go.”.What good is a 6ft tall teenager who doesn’t have an athletic bone in her body.  I can’t count the number of times I’ve heard,”I bet you play basketball don’t you. You’re so tall, of course you do how silly of me to ask.” I hated PE class, especially when we played basketball. My PE coach in Middle school was particuarly hard on me. One day as we were playing basketball,she screamed at me for missing a shot, “Knight (my maiden name) you should be better than that. You are 6 foot tall how did you miss it.”

.I got the ultimate confidence booster when I was in the 10th grade. I made the varsity cheerleading squad in the 9th grade. I had hoped that I’d graduate from BIG BIRD status to one of the cool girls. I remember walking into class after the bell rang and seeing a picture of a girl drawn on the desk in a cheerleading uniform. Her legs looked like a giraffe – with the words “how did she make it”
scribbled out to the side. Yes, they were referring to me and I began to ask myself the same question. The next year I didn’t even try out.

.Now, I’m all grown up and you know what, I hate sports. I haven’t thought about those situations in years. I don’t have to they are engrained in me as truth now. Like Renee, my insecurities and fears have kept me from trying things. You want me to go hiking, no thanks. A climbing wall – fantastic everyone below can laugh at me while I’m suspended in midair with nothing but ropes and my long
legs tangled in the rope. When my kids ask my to play basketball or softball -I start to panic inside. No!! I don’t want to. I don’t want them to see how bad I am. My husband played golf in college. (Yes, I married an athlete – good in every sport) He would love if we golfed together. In December we’ll celebrate our 15th anniversary and guess what, my doubts have convinced me not to try.

.In Chapter 1 of “A Confident Heart,” Renee shares what God revealed to her after he spoke to her about her “shadow of doubt”. She said, “As I stood there in my bathroom, I knew I needed to get honest with God too. I needed more than just a quick fix. I wanted to figure out what triggered my self-doubts.”.

Damaged emotions and insecurities from our past have a powerful influence over how we see ourselves today. Do you see a pattern of doubts or insecurity that is rooted in your past.

A Message from Renee
Excerpt from The 7-day Doubt Diet: Day 3

Conflict, criticism, and comparison are three triggers that lead me into that yucky place of uncertainty……

When I find myself standing in the shadow of doubt, I ask Jesus to show me what triggered my emotions. Then I process that trigger point through the filter of  God’s perspective and promises. I ask Him to show me what lie I believe that needs to be replaced with His truth. I then ask Him to change the way I’m thinking, which changes the way I’m feeling, and eventually transforms the way I’m living.

Over time, I’ve learned to rely on God’s power to defeat my insecurities, which  has empowered me to fulfill His calling on my life. And so can you! God calls us to live beyond the shadows our doubts, but it is not always about what He wants
us to do as much as it is about what He wants to do in us as we learn to  completely depend on Him.

Doubt Diet Tip:In the same way emotional triggers make us want to eat a half-gallon of ice cream or a whole bag of chips, we have emotional triggers that cause us to doubt ourselves. Ask God to show you your most common triggers and help you process them through the filter of His truth.

This guest post from Time 2 Save Workshops.  A HUGE thank you to Kasey for leading us in this devotional!.