Buddies Are Back! SPOOKY BUDDIES Free Activities and Film Clips!

The Buddies are Back in a Spooktacular Adventure!

SPOOKY BUDDIES premieres on Blu-ray, DVD & Movie Download from Walt Disney Studios Home Entertainment on September 20th!

For a goulish good time, catch Rosebud, B-Dawg, Buddah, Budderball, and Mudbud in their all-new Halloween-themed movie! SPOOKY BUDDIES continues the overwhelmingly popular franchise that features the adorable talking puppies, with action, laughs, and fast-paced adventure.
In honor of the release here are some fun FREE SPOOKY BUDDIES activities: Dog Biscuit Recipe, Family Night Viewing Party Tips, and SPOOKY BUDDIES Activity Sheet .
And I have exciting clips to share with you! Never before seen SPOOKY BUDDIES CLIPS!

Pip the Friendly Ghost

The Buddies Are Back…