**WINNERS**Are you one?

This month has been a BLAST!  I have some winners to announce. Thank you to everyone who entered! The winners have all been emailed and have 48 hours to respond.


IKEA Giveaway #2– (Some had to be redrawn so please see the new list)

ling chen

Karen Jordan Lindenmier (confirmed)

Jeanne Medina


Thomas& Friends Day of the Diesel

Nikki Field

Mompact Bee-Stractor Cards

Anne Loyd (confirmed)

The 5th Quarter DVD

Michelle Sutter

  • Nikki Field

    Hi there! I see that I’ve won (yay!! thank you so much!) but I haven’t received an email yet. Just wanted to let you know. It may just be delayed.
    Thanks again! :) :)


  • Ada Miller

    Congrats to all the winners!!

    I have a question to anyone that may know whats going on. Every blog i go to i always connect through GFC,but here recently i have noticed when i come back to some blogs i am not connected through GFC. I can sometimes like a blog,then refresh the pg or close the page out & open it right back up to not be connected through GFC again. Is GFC having a issue or something or are some blogs removing me from being connected with them through GFC?? I dont understand whats going on & if im being removed i dont understand why,but would like to know so i dont keep causing them more work by connecting with them again. Please someone say this is a issue & you have also had the same issue.:(

  • Ada Miller

    @ living on love & cents. Have you removed me from your blog through GFC? I know earlier today when i was at your blog i had to connect again,then when i just came over before i commented above i had to connect again. I just dont understand this.Thanks for your help & anyone else that may be able to help me with this..