LG Kompressor Vacuum Review & Giveaway – Win a Vacuum! #shoutmedia

LG Electronics LuV250C Lightweight Kompressor Vacuum-

“I did not know my carpet was so dirty!”

I have the worst luck with vacuums. Either they do not have enough suction, they damage my carpet, they irritate our allergies or they just don’t last! I heard about the LG Kompressor Compact V250C’s  PetCare Vacuumand had to try it! Take a look at these features and specs and you can see why.

Sleek, Compact and Convenient Design

  • At just 16.5 pounds, the LuV250C is the lightest vacuum in LG’s vacuum family with all the power of the full-size vacuum.
  • The LuV250C also features an extra-long 30-foot cord, making it easier to clean a larger area in less time without having to switch outlets multiple times to reach the entire space.
  • The adjustable telescopic handle collapses for more compact storage and the lighter weight makes it easier to manuever around your home.
  • Available in an attractive Cinnamon finish, the LuV250C features a stylish design that makes it a great fit anywhere in the home.

Cleaning Technology

  • LG Kompressor Compact PetCare Vacuum® Technology utilizes the world’s first motorized compression system to condense the dust intake to hold three times more household dust than non-compressor models.
    • The Kompressor® system uses a unique wiper blade within the bag-less bin to keep it clean while compressing dust intake.
    • This allows you to store up to 3 times more dirt, dust and pet hair vs. non-compressor models and means there’s an easy-to-dispose-of cake of dust when you empty it.

  • DualForce™ Suction Technology adds two additional air pathways to pick up from both sides of the vacuum head in addition to the traditional center section.
    • This allows you to capture dust and debris over a wide surface area, and is ideal for picking up dust in hard-to-reach edges.


    Pet & Allergy Friendly

    • The Pet Hair Turbine tool uses an air turbine powered brush to remove pet hair embedded in furniture and carpets.
      • Its True HEPA filtration system help capture dust mites, pollens and other common household allergens to deliver a higher degree of freshness in the home.

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