LG Kompressor Vacuum Review & Giveaway – Win a Vacuum! #shoutmedia

LG Electronics LuV250C Lightweight Kompressor Vacuum-

“I did not know my carpet was so dirty!”

I have the worst luck with vacuums. Either they do not have enough suction, they damage my carpet, they irritate our allergies or they just don’t last! I heard about the LG Kompressor Compact V250C’s  PetCare Vacuumand had to try it! Take a look at these features and specs and you can see why.

Sleek, Compact and Convenient Design

  • At just 16.5 pounds, the LuV250C is the lightest vacuum in LG’s vacuum family with all the power of the full-size vacuum.
  • The LuV250C also features an extra-long 30-foot cord, making it easier to clean a larger area in less time without having to switch outlets multiple times to reach the entire space.
  • The adjustable telescopic handle collapses for more compact storage and the lighter weight makes it easier to manuever around your home.
  • Available in an attractive Cinnamon finish, the LuV250C features a stylish design that makes it a great fit anywhere in the home.

Cleaning Technology

  • LG Kompressor Compact PetCare Vacuum® Technology utilizes the world’s first motorized compression system to condense the dust intake to hold three times more household dust than non-compressor models.
    • The Kompressor® system uses a unique wiper blade within the bag-less bin to keep it clean while compressing dust intake.
    • This allows you to store up to 3 times more dirt, dust and pet hair vs. non-compressor models and means there’s an easy-to-dispose-of cake of dust when you empty it.
  • DualForce™ Suction Technology adds two additional air pathways to pick up from both sides of the vacuum head in addition to the traditional center section.
    • This allows you to capture dust and debris over a wide surface area, and is ideal for picking up dust in hard-to-reach edges.


Pet & Allergy Friendly

  • The Pet Hair Turbine tool uses an air turbine powered brush to remove pet hair embedded in furniture and carpets.
    • Its True HEPA filtration system help capture dust mites, pollens and other common household allergens to deliver a higher degree of freshness in the home.

Part of me was skeptical that it would live up to it’s promises. But my husband and I were excited to put it to the test. When we unpacked it I was excited to see that it really was lightweight! It is light enough for me and the kids to use. It only took minutes to to put together.Here is the vacuum after we had snapped it together. The hose and the bag-less bin are clear so you can see the vacuum at work.

One of my favorite features of this vacuum is the “Kompressor” system that uses a wide wiper blade to pack the dirt and dust tightly in the bag-less bin.  I could see it working  and was amazed.


It is funny that we have no idea how dirty our carpet is until we have and GOOD vacuum to show us! The DualForce suction allow this vacuum to pick up more dirt than a typical vacuum.  I seriously could not believe how much dirt and dust was sucked into the LG Kompressor! I had to show a close up of the collection bin. You can see it is FULL of dirt and dust. I am shocked that all of that was on my living room floor. Just 3 days prior I had used my “other” light stick vacuum. Look how much was not picked up by the other one and the LG picked up! As a mom of a asthmatic and allergy sufferer this thrilled me!  I was shocked what we were walking and sitting on and breathing everyday.


You can see above also how easy it is to dispose of the dirt. It is so nice to not have a bag to deal with. I hate when I empty a vacuum and get half of the dust on me, on the floor  or back in the air. The LG Kompressor Vacuum makes the clean up super simple and clean! You simply press the button and the bottom drops letting out all the dirt. The blade does such a great job of packing the dirt together and it shows when you empty it.

Overall the LG Kompressor Compact PetCare Lightweight Vacuum is awesome! The best vacuum I have ever owned! I have already suggested it to all of my family and friends. If you are looking for a vacuum that gets up ALL of the dust and dirt every time this is the one. This is the perfect vacuum for every home. IF you have pets or allergies the hepa filter and kompressor system makes this the perfect vacuum for you. If you are a mom that wants clean air and a clean home for your family this is the vacuum for you! Look no further!


LG Kompressor Compact PetCare Lightweight Vacuum is on sale at Amazon right now plus free shipping

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YES We are giving away a vacuum! LG is giving away a LG Kompressor Compact Vacuum just like I reviewed!

I received this vacuum for the purpose of this review and campaign. This campaign is being cross promoted through Shout! Media.

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  • Guyanne Stanton

    I love the upright feature…I am so tired of dragging that cannister around.

  • Kelly H

    I love how you can SEE all that you are actually pulling out of your carpet! And the fact that it is so lightweight!


    i love to get a chance to win this nice vacuum

  • Nikki Garretson

    I love the easy empty canister and the telescopic handle. Would love to win this. My vaccum is dying. lol

  • lisa bouch

    I love the retractable cord feature, the lightweight and the triple size material collection bin. With dogs and kids i dream of a vaccum like this!!

  • Sarah reyna

    I alos llike theretractable cord feature, this would really give my husband lesss heaches. I alsays get to lazy to wrap the cord up. I also like the lightweight size becqause im a small girland the collection bin is awsome.

  • tracy hill

    This would be a welcome addition to my home!

  • Cindy

    I have two cats so I need the Air turbine powered brush removes pet hair embedded in furniture and carpet.

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  • Wendy Burkhouse

    I like the pet hair collection technology.

  • Pam

    OMG my vacuum just gave out on me a couple weeks ago. I love to vacuum and so this would be perfect to win. I need a great vacuum.

  • Lisa Paisley

    My Neighbor borrowed my Older than the hills ORECK vacuum last week and it is now DEAD. Need a new Vacuum badly!

  • Lisa Paisley

    The rafflecopter will not load. It loaded once then was gone after I left a comment.

  • Angela Mcneal

    I love the bagless feature-I hate buying bags!!

  • Jennifer

    Would love a vacuum that actually picks up.

  • Deb Anderson

    I just adopted two stray kittens, so the Pet Hair Turbine tool that uses an air turbine powered brush to remove pet hair from furniture and carpets is the feature that appeals to me most!! :)

    • Deb Anderson

      You can delete this comment. I thought I could enter on each site, but I see that entries only count on one site and I already entered at A Mom’s Take. :)

  • Tia

    I love the fact that the bottom opens to empty the dirt! No more pouring!! I would love to win!

  • Crystal W

    My vacuum died a week ago – I have been looking at the next kind to purchase – would love to win!

  • Pam M

    Looks like a great vacuum. Mine is probably 20 yrs old so I just need to convince the hubs we need to replace it with a newer model.

  • victoria lester

    My favorite feature is based on the fact that I have a dog:
    Captures Pet Hair
    Air turbine powered brush removes pet hair embedded in furniture and carpets.
    momsholidaycooking at gmail dot com

  • angela dupree

    I like the pet hair collection technology.

  • Julie

    The feature I like most would be the dual force suction and wide cleaning path. OH, and also love the fact that it is bagless.

  • sherri covington

    I would have to say the pet hair turbine tool as we have 2 dogs that get hair everywhere.

  • Amanda Anderson

    I love the idea that when they were thinking of what they wanted to up it to this vac they thought about People like me, The smallest dust and pet dander in the air from a reg vacuum makes my head pound they added features to help stop that, I have a White dog so when he gets in to the living room he will make it look like it snowed so they added suction power to get the pesky pet hair out of the rug and get the crumbs out when my grandson runs around with crackers.And I NEED A New Vacuum Bad I go threw the as my husband calls them the disposable wal-mart vacuums 2 yr so maybe this one will last for yrs to come.

  • Elizabeth Towns

    I want to WIN! My kids have allergies, and I need a good vacuum. Plus this review is GREAT. Who gives away a vacuum? You guys rock. Enter me, please.

  • Gina R.

    I like that it’s lightweight.

  • Elizabeth Towns

    This is my fave feature: True HEPA filtration that captures dust mites, pollens and other common household allergens – my kids have allergies, and this thing picks up pet hairs. If it can do that it can pick up most everything that causes them to sneeze, itch, get red eyes, etc.

  • Clare Blakeslee Toll

    I’d love to win a new vacuum!!!!!!!

  • Lorraine Smith

    I would LOVE to win this !! We have 5 children and our vaccuum died about 6 months ago and we haven’t been able to replace it yet. I love the wide wiper that compacts everything and the 30 foot cord.

  • Katie W.

    I love that it’s bagless!!!

  • Naomi Besaw

    Love love love it! All of the features are great, but I think one of my favorites is: ◦The Kompressor® system uses a unique wiper blade within the bag-less bin to keep it clean while compressing dust intake. I mean, seriously, how amazing is that?!?

  • I have 2 cats, 2 dogs and a baby…. what is there not to love?!

  • Cheryl Abdelnour

    I like that it is bagless and has a true hepa filter.

  • Clare Blakeslee Toll

    Since I have two dogs I love this feature•The Pet Hair Turbine tool uses an air turbine powered brush to remove pet hair embedded in furniture and carpets. ◦Its True HEPA filtration system help capture dust mites, pollens and other common household allergens to deliver a higher degree of freshness in the home.

  • Michele Garcia

    I love that the LG LuV250C has a HEPA filter:)

  • Kelly

    I love that it is so small yet so powerful

  • Donna B.

    Being able to pick up 3 times more dust before emptying it

  • Chelsea Saulpaugh

    My favorite feature is the air turbine powered brush that removes embedded pet hair. With 4 cats and a very hairy dog, our furniture and carpets sometime look like they could use a trip to the hairdresser.

  • melissa williams

    My favorite feature is that it picks up embedded pet hair, my current vacuum has nothing on dog and 2 cats.

  • Jennifer Anderson

    First of all what’s not to like? But if I had to pick one thing that was my favorite, it would be pet hair feature because my dog really sheds and my fiancé I think is allergic to pet dander of all kinds not just cats and if we can keep it all up then I think it would really help besides it picking up all the allergens with the hepa filter.

  • Emilie Cosenza

    I like how hard the technology works in order to go deep and pick up all pet hair and dust mites. I’m extremely allergic to both, and I have a cat so it’ll come in handy! :)

  • carrie obrien

    I love its portability and power!

  • amy pugmire

    I like the dualForce Two Way Suction and the
    Compact Design Lightest LG Vacuum

  • D Schmidt

    The feature I love is : HEPA Filter
    True HEPA filtration that captures dust mites, pollens and other common household allergens.

  • Rachel R.

    I love that this vacuum can pick up dust and dirt that can’t even be seen.

  • darlene miller bohannon

    i like the kompressor system,as i have two large dog that shed really bad. another great thing is the retractable cord,now i won’t be tripping over the cord when i’m done.sometimes i get lazy and just leave it sitting in the middle of the floor.

  • kristen fritsche

    I love the face that it is lightweight! Since I am currently pregnany (in my third trimester), this would be a great help. :)

  • Kathy

    I like that it’s so powerful and that the cannister is easy to empty.

  • jenn

    i love that the handle collapses for easy storage and you can pick up 3x as much dust before emptying it

  • Monica Younes

    Having stairs makes having a lightweight vaccumm a neccesity. Also with 2 kiddos and a dog I need something that actually works and this seems pretty powerful.

  • Janet H

    favorite feature is that it captures pet hair and the hepa filter. I have bad allergies.

  • Carrie Phelps

    I like that it cleans the hard to reach edges.

  • julie kowalewski

    I would love to win this! Have 3 cats that I live with now that I moved in with my b;f and I have severe allergies. Always sick in the winter when we cant keep windows open and with my back issues It so hard on me to vaccuum everyday. Oh please please let me win this…
    Julie Lovell Backes on facebook

  • would love to win it, we have 2 cats and one of them has long hair, there is hair floating everywhere !!

  • I like the dual force suction. 7yr old boy and a dog… we need extra dirt picked up!

  • Jenny Ham

    I like that it is Ultralightweight and compact and that it captures pet hair I have three cats and I need something that works well on cat hair.

  • Debbie Welchert

    I love that it has a 30 foot cord. No more unplugging.

  • I like that it is collapsable.

  • Ada Miller

    My favorite feature would have to be the Kompressor® Dust Compression System. knowing it is taking in the dust etc makes me happy because i sure dont need it blown around adding up to what already is adding up.lol


  • traci s

    i love that it will pick up to 3x more dust before emptying than regular vacuum

  • Jennifer Anderson

    For the leave a comment on this mama loves her bargains on a non-giveaway post. I wasn’t paying attention and thought it was favorite post. I re-did it. here is the link:


  • Tara F.

    I LOVE that it is allergy friendly, especially since my #2 allergy is DUST!!
    sweetpeonies07 at gmail

  • Jill A. Collins

    I love that it has a HEPA filter to help keep the allergens down in the house.

  • Jill A. Collins

    Here is the link wfor the comment on the “A Mom’s Take” blog. Went back to the raffelcopter form to leave it and it was already submitted. Ugh!

  • Melissa Lawler

    I like the HEPA filter.

  • Brendon Furniss

    My favorite feature: DualForce™ Two Way Suction

  • Tamara B.

    Favorite feature is The KOMPRESSOR technology allows you to pick up 3 times more dust before emptying it.

  • Gina H.

    I like the HEPA filtration system for my allergies.

  • Carol L

    I love the Dual Force two way suction and the 30 foot cord. Thanks for the giveaway.
    Carol L
    Lucky4750 (at) aol (dot) com

  • Carol L

    Commented at Momstake on review. Link is here.

    Carol L
    Lucky4750 (at) aol (dot) com

  • Carol L

    Left comment at L&C for mini Calzones. Here’s link.


    Carol L
    Lucky4750 (at) aol (dot) com

  • Kathy

    I like that the cannister is clear and is easy to remove.

  • jenn

    i like the collapsible handle for easy storage

  • kristin thompson

    My favorite feature is the kompressor feature, it is so efficient. I need this so bad we cant afford a vaccum and always have to borrow someones.

  • valorie gomes

    love the fact that the handle callasps and that it the kompressor feature allows it to pick up more dirt making it more efficent. My vaccum is almost dead over 12 years old – relqly could use a new one.

  • Natalie J Vandenberghe

    I love that it’s powerful–allowing you to pick up THREE times more dust! I could sure use a good vacuum! Thanks for the giveaway.

  • Fawn H

    I like that it is bagless and lightweight

  • jennifer orr

    i love that is has a long cord

  • Michelle fellows

    Pets and a child with allergies to everythi
    ng this would be awesome.

  • amber cosner

    Love that it is strong, has a hepa filter, has a long cord and i have 2 kids so its perfect

  • Chrisann

    We have 3 dogs 4 cats and 2 children still at home and I also have no luck with vacuums! I love alot of the features on this one that stands out is that it has a telescoping handle that collapses for easy storage.

  • Jen w

    I like that it’s lightweight, makes it easier to go up and down stairs

  • sara

    This is amazing! I’ve gone through 2 different vacuums only to find that they were duds! Waste of money! I have a little baby with allergies and NEED something like this for health reasons! Thank you!

  • angel elkins

    I like the fact that it has dual force suction and a long cord!

  • Hard to pick just One favorite feature. Love the pet hair trap, thefact that it is lightweight with all th features, the hepa fulture.

  • Kendra

    I love that it has a 30 foot cord.

  • Tracy P

    I like that it uses two additional air pathways to pick up dirt from both sides instead of just the center.



  • Kristi S

    We also have the worst luck with vacuum cleaners. We have 4 dogs and 3 kids (ok we are just a zoo) and have resorted to using a shop vac for the house until we can get a new vacuum. I would love to win this and not have to lug around a shop vac.

  • Summer Bonner

    Hepa Filters help keep my kido’s allergies manageable.

  • Lynda H.

    My current vacuum is dying or almost dead. I definitely need a new vacuum and this would be perfect.

  • Sandra Cortez

    Love to win this vacuum cleaner cause I have asthma very bad. Love the features of the vacuum cleaner easy to clean it out, color,and most of all it’s easy to push around.

  • Michelle Small

    I really like the Telescopic Handle…being tall has been an issue on back. This will help. Also like that it has a 30 foot cord…long enough to actually go through whole rooms.

  • main entry
    I really like the feature of the LG Kompressor Vacume(telescoping handle that collapses for easy storage,which gives you more room in tight space closet that I have And the feature DualForce™ suction lets you clean a wide surface area and get to hard-to-reach edges , perfect for under the couch edge you always have to pull out the attachment to get which I dispize having to do, so that feature is great . this looks like a powerful vacume, thanks for the chance
    sewitupjulie at gmail dot com

  • ann*

    Im a senior citizen so it being lightweight helps so much
    and I also have allergpies so thats another goodie for me and also the cord length love that to

  • Christina Burrell

    I lve that it has a 30 ft cord.

  • Melissa Ringsted

    I have 2 dogs, so my favorite feature would most definately be being able to see the hair/dust I picked up.

  • paula

    I love that it is allergy friendly and collapsable…that is great!!!

  • Chalette S.

    I like the see thru canister. I ‘need’ so see how much dirt I’m getting out.

  • Tonya Payne

    Catchinb thte cat hair in the filter is great.

  • Bobbi Halvorson

    Wow! I could really use this!

  • andrea dimario

    i love the The Pet Hair Turbine tool

  • Danielle

    I love that it easy to dispose of dirt!!


  • My favorite feature is feature is that it is smaller and yet picks up 3 times more dust.

  • Jacqueline Griffin

    I like that it’s light weight and it picks up 3X more dirt! I live in the Mojave desert so I have tons of dirt! =]
    Thank You!

  • bridget3420

    The HEPA filter is my favorite feature

  • captures pet hair

  • Stacy

    I like the lightweight and compact feature, it would be easy to move up and down the stairs and to store


    That it takes car of pet hair lol

  • Cheryl Barnett

    Feature is it will clean and stronger motor that my hair won’t kill it.

  • Nikki

    That it’s light weight and future looking.

  • Cheryl Barnett

    Forgot to submit the places I commented on for living on love and cents http://livingonloveandcents.com/2011/10/14/fashion-tips-for-all-budgets/comment-page-1/#comment-20008

  • kelly bright

    Can definitely use a new vacuum :) Good luck everyone!

  • mary fanara coleman

    I like that it is the lightest vacuum in LG’s family of products with all the power of the full size vacuum

  • tina bartunek

    I love this vacuum!

  • Tina Kozma

    The feature I like best is the pet turbine brush , I have 2 dogs and a cat ,I also have an african grey and the dust from him alone keeps me on the go cleaning.
    ( I am also a dog groomer and occationally groom at home) need I say more. I have burned up a few vacuums . could use a good vacuum .:)

  • Paula Brown

    Compact Design Lightest LG Vacuum. Love that it is light weight

  • lala r

    easy disposal of dirt

  • lala r
  • carrie beth

    I could soooo use this!

  • I love that it is bagless.

  • I love the Kompressor system!

  • lisa kayser

    I’d love to win!! I love how it’s bagless!

  • Shelly Peterson

    I like that it holds 3x the dirt of a regular vacuum


  • Amy Orvin

    I like the DualForce™ suction lets you clean a wide surface area and get to hard-to-reach edges.

  • amanda l h

    I like the hepa filter

  • Cathi Foster

    My fav feature is not really a feature, but it is the ability to pick up pet hair as I have 4 pets, plus a son that has asthma so the filter is great as well.

  • Jen S

    Our vacuum doesn’t do the greatest with the cat hair, so the Pet Hair Turbine Tool feature caught my eye!

  • Debra Fraley

    I love that the DualForce™ suction lets you clean a wide surface area and get to hard-to-reach edges.

  • Brandi

    I like that this vacuum has a detachable part that can clean the dusty ole fan blades :)

  • Kendra

    I love that it is lightweight as I have to carry it up and down the stairs.

  • amy v

    i love the efficient, compact design

    annae07 at aol dot com

  • amy v

    i forgot to add the link for your post i commented on in the ‘extra’ space of form-


  • Lisa L

    I like the HEPA Filter feature

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