Giveaway: WIN a Nintendo Select Prize Pack including Punch-Out! & Wii Play Motion with Black Wii Remote Plus

Mario Strikers Charged Mario Strikers Charged finds the Mushroom Kingdom crew storming the soccer field for fast-paced athletic kicks. This is a multiplayer game like most of the Selects line so you really can play as a family!

  • Mario is joined by other famous Nintendo characters that take on the role of captain. Select a host of popular teammates to make up the rest of the team
  • Use the skill the Wii Remote and Nunchuk controllers provide to win the ball, score unstoppable goals and take control of the goal keeper to perform spectacular saves
  • Action-packed multiplayer mode plus support for the Nintendo Wi-Fi Connection service, which allows you to take part in tournaments with others online
  • Punch-Out!! game delivers motion-controlled boxing thrills with a host of memorable characters.

    • Punch-Out!! features a total of 13 opponents for Little Mac to step into the ring with. 12 of which are returning from previous games in the Punch-Out!! series. Each has their own back-story and patterns of attacks to learn and learn to counter. Just a few of the characters you can expect to see are –
    • Little Mac – Small but extremely game, Little Mac is a young, up-and-coming fighter, who with the help of his trainer, ex-champion Doc Lewis, has set his sights on working his way through the ranks
    • Glass Joe – A fearful French fighter due to his extremely weak chin, Glass Joe will crumple to the mat quickly with just a few well-placed shots, making him an easy mark and a good warm-up for the fighters to follow
    • King Hippo – King Hippo is both huge and an immensely powerful fighter, but can be weakened with the right combinations to the head and body, giving you time to go for the knockout if you can survive his onslaught
    • Von Kaiser – An old-timey fighter whose rumored childhood difficulties have left him eager to dish out punishment in the ring, Von Kaiser is a dangerous opponent, but one who will turn tail if you can find his weakness

    Enter to WIN a Nintendo Select Prize Pack including Punch-Out! and Wii Play Motion with Black Wii Remote Plus here!

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    1. Jennifer Anderson says

      I would love to win this for my kids! I have 3 boys and they love video games! Thanks for the opportunity!

    2. Cheryl G says

      Thanks for offering a chance for such a great prize, this would be so much fun to have/play on family game night!

    3. says

      my favorite post you had and have is the cvs week updates, i appreciate so much to the bloggers who list those for us each week, because i don’t take the newspaper in order to get the cvs flyer so unless i stop by there store prior too and pick up one, i miss knowing what they offer in deals, so your hard work in bringing those savings to use weekly real helps, and no space was under the i did this link for the option, only the name and email so i left my comment here for that extra entry option, thanks
      sewitupjulie at gmail dot com

    4. Rebekah Mercier says

      I posted on the post Nintendo is encouraging children across the country to come up with their own super abilities on Mama Loves her bargains. They didn’t an extra info section of the form to put it in as the directions said to do. Therefore I am posting it in a comment instead. Thanks

    5. Rebekah Mercier says

      Again their was not an extra info section in the form to post the name of the post I commented on. So I am posting it here. I commented on the How to use threadUp (The Online Clothing Swap Site)post on Living on Love and Cents.

    6. Cathi Foster says

      I like the Jamie’s Run- Building a Cure for Childhood Cancer One Block at a Time article on Mama Loves Her Bargains

    7. Cathi Foster says

      on living on love and cents I also liked the article Jamie’s Run- Building a Cure for Childhood Cancer One Block at a Time


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