The Dog Who Saved Halloween On DVD Review & Giveaway

The Dog Who Saved Halloween

When you combine a super cute dog with a fun day like Halloween what do you get? SOMETHING AWESOME! We love dog movies! The ones where the dog saves the day, trip, world, etc are our favorites! So we are big fans of “The Dog Who Saved…” movies. We were all so excited to see Zeus back and saving the day again, only this time it is Halloween! The paw-fect new film for “ghouls” and boys of all ages, The Dog Who Saved Halloween (SRP: $19.98) follows on the tail of the hugely-popular The Dog Who Saved Christmas and The Dog Who Saved Christmas Vacation DVDs from Anchor Bay Entertainment.

Everyone’s favorite four-legged friend Zeus (voiced by Joey Lawrence) and the Bannisters are back in The Dog Who Saved Halloween, an all-new adventure jam-packed with family-friendly thrills and chills!  When George, Belinda and their kids Kara and Ben Bannister move into a new house – just in time for Halloween! – everything seems to be fine…until they notice eerie glowing lights and strange sounds coming from their neighbor’s house where creepy Mr. Cole (Lance Henriksen) lives with his protective pooch Medusa (voiced by Mayim Bialik).  When a black cat suddenly goes missing, George Bannister (Gary Valentine) insists on investigating the matter himself – and ultimately enlists an odd yet familiar pair (Dean Cain, Joey Diaz) to help.  But after the trio and Belinda Bannister (Elisa Donovan) get trapped inside the spooky house, it’s once again up to Zeus to save the day!

Last Friday for our family night we popped up some popcorn and watched The Dog Who Saved Halloween. I have to say we loved the other movies so much that we had high expectations for this one. It did not disapoint! George Banister is so funny and very entertaning. He is the man who has good intentions but seems to always screw up. But Zeus is the reliable friend that is always there to help. I do not want to give away to many details. So I will just say we loved it! Zeus made us proud yet again!


If you are looking for a family friendly movie for Halloween stop by redbox or your local movie store and pick up a copy. It is also available here for only $12.49!

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One lucky winner will receive a copy of The Dog Who Saved Halloween on DVD.

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  • krista lafave

    i am going to be a pirate wench

  • Andrea Staten

    This looks soooo cute! My kids LOVE Halloween movies and animal movies. My daughter is obsessed with the Spooky Buddies dvd, so this is right up her alley. :)

  • Melissa VanRy

    Love Halloween!! My son is going to be a Lego Man this year!

  • Andrea Staten

    I’m not dressing up for Halloween. But my kids are going to be a soldier and a rainbow princess. :)

  • krista kafave

    how to stop bullying id the video i watched

  • stacey

    my kids love Halloween they are going to be mario and snow white

  • malika liggin

    my son is gonna be thomas the train!

  • Renee Wapniewski

    Im just gonna be me:( lol but my daughters havent decided what they want to be yet

  • Jenny

    I am going to be me :) My daughter is going to be a ballerina princess and my son is still undecided

  • Miranda Welle

    I’m going to be the mom driving the kids around! LOL.

    My kids are going to be a bat fairy, an army guy, and baby dracula.

  • jenn hartgrave

    just me and kids are getting to old to dress up

  • Brandi Warnke

    I don’t dress up for halloween.

  • Pamela James

    I will be a mom giving out candy
    pjames330 at aol dot com

  • Pamela James

    I saw the are we over schooling our kids video

  • leah davis

    y kids would love this.

  • Jackie

    I don’t usually dress up for Halloween, but every year my daughter wants me to. I just tell her I’m going as a Mom for Halloween.

  • Teresa F

    I dream of Jeannie

  • Michelle

    My daughter is going to Little Red Riding Hood

  • sheri grennille

    i’ll be a mom handing out candy :)

  • I wont be dressing up, but i will be taking my lil cousin around so she can get candy. This would be a nice movie to watch with her after dinner

  • Amy Otrosinka

    I am going to be red riding hood

  • Kimberly Michael Cleaver

    Would love to win this!!!

  • Vanessa Blue

    My daughter will be an elephant for her first halloween!

  • Lisa Dripps

    I’m going to be a cat for Halloween.

  • Vanessa Blue

    Accidentally submitted for the video before I typed the one I watched. I watched “Dealing with temper tantrums”.

  • sarah shult

    I will be 9 mths pregnant on halloween, I am thinking I will paint my belly like a basketball & dress in a b-ball uniform

  • Jill A. Collins

    I don’t have any Halloween plans yet, so I’m not sure what I’ll be at this point.

  • Christina Burrell

    My son is going as Buzz Lightyear and my baby girl will be a sunflower.

  • Jen T

    Im dressing up as an Angry Bird!!

  • Elizabeth Ayers Comer

    A witch this year!

  • Janet W.

    I’m not dressing up, but my grandson is going to be Tigger!

  • glaiza rica bonglay

    maybe a witch… hehehe

  • Heather Trevino


  • Mary Ellen McNichols Davison

    I will be dressing like a clown, and I did watch the video about Moms making time to exercise.

  • Katie W.

    I’m leaning towards a vampire.

  • Michelle Hayden

    I think I’m going old school this year and I’m going to be a ghost…with a fun hat :)
    lambeaugal at

  • Carrie Phelps

    I was planning to be a sock monkey but just got an email stating they were out of the costume. Now I have no idea ….

  • Carol west

    I will be taking my boys out for Halloween i might give out a lil candy to some of the kids around here but not much my kids love animal movies so they would love this DVD.

  • Fawn H

    I don’t dress up for Halloween but my kids do.

  • Jen W


  • I’m still debating on whether or not I’ll dress up!

  • Debbie Welchert

    I’m going to be dressed-up as myself, a grandma.

  • Monique Bon

    I am going to be a pirate for halloween (:

  • Mary walker

    I am going to e a Salada tea bag. I have worked in Restaurants all my life and I have been a tea bag for years. I actually won at work 2 years in a row for the best costume.

  • I am not exactly sure how I will dress up…Maybe just go as myself…That would probably scare the daylights out of

  • Gretchen Gerth

    I’m going to be ecstatic cause we get to go out with our granddaughter!

  • Lorraine Smith

    My three youngest will be the only ones dressing up and they are going as Papa Smurf, Smurfette, and Where’s Waldo….

  • Karen Jordan Lindenmier

    I won’t be dressing up this year, but I will be handing out candy.

  • main entry
    I’ll be a mamaw wearing a chef’s hat lol, to amuse my little grandson, when he drops by to treat and show me his costume. thanks great giveaway, I love enjoying movie night at my house with him when he stays over
    sewitupjulie at gmail dot com

  • Sandra Cortez

    Thank you for the giveaway hope I win….

  • Julie Lynn Bickham

    I want to be a vampire but we’ll see what my kids think lol

  • My 4 year old just asked me what I was going to be for Halloween. I told her I was going as a Mommy. She asked me if that costume came with a hair thingy…LOL.

  • katklaw777

    I am usually a gypsy…

  • Allison Downes

    Im going to be a fallen angel!

  • Penny W

    I’m going to be a mommy! 😉

  • I’ll probably dress as a pirate.

    davandihamilton (at) gmail (dot) com

  • Lisa L

    I’m a bee this Halloween because my daughter’s a flower =)

  • Erin R

    I’m going to be the exhausted momma, pushing around a 14m old and yelling at an almost 4 year old to slow down b/c she’s going to fall and to stay out of the street….