Looking Lovely on Less: 3 Ways To Not Look Like a “Mom”

Living Lovely on Less

These week’s Looking Lovely On Less is brought to us by Lauren Schugar. Lauren is a mom and Wardrobe Stylist. I am excited that she is sharing her tips with us.

3 ways to not look like a Mom

Being a Mom is hard, and there is never enough time in the day, especially for yourself. Try these 3 quick fixes to looking great on a daily basis with in minutes.
  • Put on makeup in less than 5 minuets:  you will need a concealer to hide your black circles, a tinted moisturizer or foundation, blush to add color to your cheeks, an eyelash curler to leave you bright eyed and top it off with mascara. If you have time put on some lipstick, or colored gloss
  • Treat yourself to some jeans that look great on you. It might take trying on 15 different brands, but once you find the perfect pair buy them no matter the price. I promise you will wear them to death and when you do your butt will look great in them.
  • Wear a infinity scarf: Let’s face it wearing accessories is time consuming and some time takes to much effort. I know you have fashion jewelry just sitting in drawers you never wear.  A infinity scarf is effortless and adds excitement to your otherwise boring outfit. Your two-year can’t break it and your ten year will want to borrow it. Either way it will help you look put together, and doesn’t take a lot of effort to wear.
This is a guest post by Lauren Schugar. Lauren, a mom herself, has been wardrobe styling since 2008 with her image consulting firm Modern Image. http://www.imagebylauren.com. To learn more ways to be fashionable check out her blog Vegas Fashion Stylist at http://blog.imagebylauren.com
  • Eileen

    Had to laugh at this one. After 6 kids, I surely learned to put on Make up in five minutes…or went make up naked! I am learning that jeans WILL take about 15 tries to find the right fit now. Umm…6 kids and hormones will do that to ya, and the scarf I have yet to try but make a ton of sense. thanks!!!!

  • Wendy

    It’s great to have a reminder that we are women too, & not just moms! Thank you!

  • Amo

    An infinity scarf is a great idea! I never would have thought of that!