How to Throw a Party With Little Cash & Little Time @MurphyUSA (#MurphyUSA #CBias)

Panic struck as I realized that I was hosting game night for our church group last week. I completely forgot! I realized this about 24 hours before the party. Since we only have 1 car I knew that when my husband got home with the car I only had a little time to get out and get supplies. So that meant I could not go to a party store or even spend much time in the grocery store. YIKES! So I did something I have never done before. I stopped by our Murphy Express to see what I could find for the party. The shopping trip and the results will amaze you. See my full shopping trip here.

After I got the pizzas, drinks and snacks I felt much better. I was shocked that you really could get so many things in one spot!I was certain that theĀ  Red Baron Pizzas and Murphy Sport Drinks would be perfect for our game night. I also had some chips for snacking while playing.

Now for the entertainment. This was easy because we were doing game night. This is a great way to bring people together whether young or old. We do it with a big group from church and it is always so much fun. You do not need entertainment because everyone will be playing games. Ask each family or person to bring their favorite game. It is so much fun to see what everyone brings and what everyone enjoys. I love that people are able to try new games and learn new things. It is always an evening filled with laughter.

The Red Baron Pizza was a huge hit! I loved that it was cheaper than ready made pizza and in my opinion it tasted much better! It was a hit with the kids and adults.

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