See Up Close Why I Love The Chevy Traverse #chevygirls

I am so excited to be apart of the Chevy Gotta Love Houston Chevy Girls on the Go! You may not believe me but I had no idea what the Traverse was when I heard about this year’s Houston promotion. But after my husband told me about it and showed me some around town I wanted to see for myself. The fabulous Houston Area Chevy Dealers joined with local bloggers to bring you real life reviews and  up close looks at this new SUV. They wanted me to tell you my favorite features of the Chevy Traverse 2012 White Diamond Edition. Well here it is…

I will tell you more in the coming days. But I can honestly tell you I am in LOVE already!

“The Chevy Traverse campaign is being sponsored by the Houston
Area Chevy dealers. They are letting select Houston Bloggers test
drive a Traverse for two weeks. No monetary compensation was received but they are providing me with a gas card and a spa gift certificate. All opinions are 100% mine.
  • Janet W.

    I’ve seen these cars on the road and think they look really good! The interior looks amazing and so comfortable!

  • Danetta

    The Chevy Traverse was actually on our list of vehicles to check out when we went to buy our new truck. It does look awesome! Thanks for sharing!

  • Kim Davis

    Wow… you know the problem with me is if I got to test drive a new car but had to give it back… I couldn’t do it….. How fun was that!

  • We bought a Traverse also and absolutely love it. They have a pretty high rating across the board. It was my husband to that showed and talked me into it. I am glad he did. Ours is a forest green,kind of dark. I love the color of yours better than mine. Kind of wish we went with the lighter color. OH well.

  • Anne Loyd

    Great review! I actually never actually seen one around but I have seen them advertised.

  • Awesome- I really want one of these! Thanks for the review.

  • Great review!

  • Sheila Vives

    Thank you for the review on the Chevy Traverse. So much easier car shopping from the desk chair :)

  • Donna B.

    Lucky you! That’s a good looking car :)

  • Brittany

    I’m currently looking for a new car and this review was very helpful! Thank you! :)

  • Kim Andrews

    sounds great!