Fall’s Top 5 Clothing Must-Haves

Oh Baby! Fall’s Top 5 Clothing Must-Haves

By Emily Johnston owner of GracefullyGreene.com

Happy October! Fall is officially upon us. Here are the top 5 must-have pieces for your baby during the changing seasons.

1) Long-Sleeved Rompers: Nothing’s better for crawling around the house or running around town than a warm romper. Want to spice it up? Try a knit romper… super warm and oh-so so cute!

2) Zip Pullovers: When it starts to get chilly, it’s so good to have a jacket with different warmness levels: hood up, hood down, zip up, zip down, jacket on, jacket off… you get the idea. That way you’re prepared, no matter how hot/cold it gets out there. We love Green Baby’s Long Sleeved Hooded Top.

3) Cozy Sleep Bag: There’s something really nice about snuggling up under tons of blankets in fall weather. Because we can’t put that much in the crib with a baby, step it up with a double-layered sleep sack like this one from Tookee.

4) Beanie: Keep your baby’s noggin warm when it gets cold with organic cotton hats or beanies! Kiwi Industries’ orange cap is a staple that’s sure to make your babe stand out!

5) Anything Reversible: Who wants to spend a ton on warm clothing when there’s no way your baby’s going to fit into it next year? Instead, invest in reversible clothing. One item of clothing… two looks. If there’s a mess on one side, flip it over. Nuf said. Try this great reversible trouser that’s brown on one side and stripped on the other!

This is a Guest post from Emily Johnston, owner of GracefullyGreene.com, a natural baby boutique. They are  in the midst of launching apparel with brands like Kiwi and Green Baby. At reasonable prices, they advocate that dressing your kids natural doesn’t have to cost an arm and a leg. Check out our Kiwi brand here and Green Baby will be coming next week. This is perfectly suited for pre-school or day care, as our sizes go up to 5 years.


  1. amy v says

    i LOVE zippered jackets-easy to take off and if my little guy gets a little warm i can just unzip w/o removing the whole thing

  2. Bianca Roman says

    Those rompers are way too cute. It makes me want a girl. haha. I love buying different types of beanies for my son. Too bad, he only wants to wear them for a split second before taking it off :(

  3. Sheralle DOuglas says

    Reversible…what a great idea. I love the idea of two looks with one great peace. That is such a great idea. I am definitely going to have to check this out because this is a necessary piece to add to my baby wardrobe.

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