Use Swag Bucks To Get Free Board Games!

Are board games on your Christmas shopping list? Do you have a lot of Swagbucks to spend? Well, just in time for Christmas, you can redeem your Swagbucks for free board games!

Don’t forget that $5 Amazon giftcards are only 450 SBs…so if you can get these games on Amazon for less than the equivalent amount of SBs would be to get it directly from SBs, it would be better to cash out for Amazon cards. But you’re limit to 5 like prizes in a month, so if you’ve already cashed out for 5 Amazon cards this month and STILL have a ton of SBs left over, then these might be worth it!

Here are some of your choices:

SKIP BO card game – 1,199 SBs (the same number of SBs that approximately 2.25 Amazon $5 cards would cost you)

CLUE the Classic Edition – 2.049 SBs (the same number of SBs that approximately 4.25 Amazon $5 cards would cost you)

CANDYLAND – 2,299 SBs (the same number of SBs that approximately 5 Amazon $5 cards would cost you)

Other titles (2,599 SBs and up):

Hungry, Hungry Hippos
The Game of LIFE
Connect 4
Catch Phrase
and more!

New to Swagbucks? Read What are Swagbucks. To get started today sign up for swagbucks.

Thanks Saving Toward A Better Life!

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