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Fabulous Nails

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    • Sheralle Douglas

      I took advantage of this deal yesterday and signed up as a new member. This will make a great gift since I am going to several parties that require bringing gifts to play dirty santa and bingo games. Free is always the best.

    • BAD DEAL

      I just thought id let you know that it has been made known that savemore is a SCAM, go look at their facebook wall HUNDREDS of people have bought products MONTHS ago that they have not recieved. Some were bought with credits and others bought with cash i personally have 13 items that i oredered over 2 months ago and I have not recieved them. I trusted an valued your site until i saw this post i wish you would look more into things then just post them so you can get free credits from your readers. im sure many people are trying to get their free nails from savemore and you are promoting them leading them on a path that could have them lose a lot of money

    • courtney b

      what a great deal!: thanks!