New Year. New Goals. New Ventures. New Topics (I need your help)

Happy New Year everyone! I hope your holidays were wonderful. I can not believe it is time for making goals again! I was looking back at my goals for 2011 and happy to see that I DID reach some of my goals and others I did not reach. The big goal that I reached was quitting my job and becoming a full time mom. Some things I really forgot about and did not make it a priority, while others are now a part of my routine now.

Did you make goals? Did you reach any of them?

I like goals because they give you something to work toward. This year I want to really focus on this site and making it what YOU want it to be. I want a community of mom that are hear to help each other. That is why I need your help!

Over the last year I started new topics and series. I want to know which to start again, continue, or stop. Also, I want to know what giveaways you would like to see more of. So PLEASE LEAVE COMMENTS below letting me know your thoughts.

Here are a few things I need help with:

  1. Do you enjoy any of the following weekly topics : Dating on a Dime, Recipes for Busy Moms, Fun and Frugal Crafts for Kids?
  2. Suggest a NEW topic you would like to see more of.
  3. What giveaways would you like to see this year?
  4. What review items do you want to see: baby items, for kids, furniture, toys, clothes, things for moms, home decor,etc.
  5. Do you miss the weekly store deal posts?
  6. Do you miss Diaper Deals Post?
  7. Do you like posts about free offers and samples?

This year is about YOU and creating a blog that YOU and ME both love! Thank you for your thoughts, advice and suggestions.

Lastly thank you so much to all of my loyal readers! You all add so much joy to my life! I have made some incredible friends through blogging. Thank you very much for all of your support!


  • Okay, let me say I love your website! This is very well done, and for the most part pretty easy to use and view. We are changing our budget so my husband’s company can get off the ground, and so I will be needing to know how to do frugal crafts with kids. I don’t coupon because its too hard to figure out without an experienced person helping me out in person…but I would love to have this still here.

  • Fiona N

    Hello Living on Love and Cents :-)
    I’m a new fan but love your site. I think I will spend more time to read your blog and check your Facebook page :-) For me, I enjoy everything you post, including the giveaways :-)) Please keep going and posting more deals and giveaways, so we will have more chance to get the great new products to try :-))
    Thank You So much for everything you do! I truly appreciate that!

  • hannah

    I like your site :)

    I love giveaways that help to save with food, whether they are restaurant giveaways, or product feature giveaways ( i.e. cheerios or fiber one bars).

    I like posts about samples and offers so long as they are not from those annoying spam or spam-ish sites that some bloggers post. I.E. I much prefer posts about offers that originate from the brand’s fb page, or from a walmart product feature etc.

    Thanks for all your hard work

  • Lora Mccracken

    Congratulations on quitting your job! Being at home with our children is such a blessing! I love your site! It’s easy to navigate, very attractive and has all the information I’m looking for in a money saving blog.

  • janet h

    I like reading you blog and I am not even a mom. I would like to read more on dating on a dime. I live with my boyfriend and we are on a very tight budget. I love reading everything else that is on your blog though.

  • Deb Hornick Gotham

    I’m a new fan and enjoy your blog…it’s great. I like posts about samples and freebies ..giveaways are always great.Love trying new products too. Keep up the good work and thanks :)

  • Candice

    Thanks for all the giveaways and hard work. I appreciate someone helping find deals, and trying to help me save money.

  • Judy Bradley

    I tend to over-extend myself when making goals and committing myself. I am trying to be more realistic, then I feel better when I can actually see accomplishments. I live on a very small income but have a large family whom I love doing things for, so I really enjoy the giveaways that enable me to share with them and do things I couldn’t otherwise! Thanks!

  • Amanda Alvarado

    I like the Recipes for Busy Moms! Would love to see some more. For giveaways, car seats are always a big hit! LOL Baby/kid/mom items are always liked here for giveaways. I’d love to see some giveaways for daddies too! I love the free samples and offers. One thing I don’t like is the video on the top right but that’s just because my old computer runs super slow when it’s playing! LOL I’d also love to see a different way of listing giveaways. The slider thing sometimes will get stuck on my computer or I’ve noticed it doesn’t show ALL open giveaways. Maybe something on the side where they are all listed, either with a pic or just a link would be helpful too. :-)

  • “Happy New Year” to you!
    I am new here, from what I have seen, your blog is set up well!
    My interests are recipes, soap making, and candle treats, will be learning how to make them this year! I am a creator of beaded jewelry so it never gets old learning new jewelry making ideas! I just love crafts of all kinds!
    Giveaways are nice, and fun too! 😀

  • sandra

    Look at this blog daily, and follow you on FB. Would love to win the card, as I am a perfume junkie!

  • carrie obrien

    Terrific contest!

  • Rebecca Xavier

    I would love the dating on a dime and recipe ideas.