Money-Makin’ Mama: How to Generate a Steady Income as a Stay-at-Home Mom (Book Review & Giveaway)

I spent the first year of this blog saying how much I wanted to stay at home with my kids. It was eating me up inside thinking of all the time that other people were watching my kids while I went to work. The odd thing is I did (and still do) love to work. I love challenging myself to be creative and I love the mental stimulation that the job offered. I have always enjoyed the left brain way of thinking and feeling good about generating income for my family. So it felt like I would never be able to find a balance. I have discovered on my journey to work from home that I am not alone. So many other women feel exactly the same! That is why when I discovered a book that was from a mom’s perspective on how to do both I was intrigued!

Money-Makin’ Mama: How to Generate a Steady Income as a Stay-at-Home Mom

by Amber Carter

A note from Amber: “Because it’s important for me to stay home with my kiddos (I have a daughter who is almost 3 years old and a son who is 8 months old), but I also love keeping that left-brained, professional side of me busy, I’ve developed a business which allows me to do both. I’m able to be home full-time with my babies and still work part-time, earning a reliable income while they’re sleeping. My book doesn’t advertise for some weird pyramid scheme. I simply educate readers on types of businesses that work with a variety of family situations, encourage them with stories of real moms who are making this work, and equip them with practical tips and checklists on how to make this dream into a reality.”

Sounds great right? Well I immediately went over to Amazon to check out the free preview of the inside pages of Money-Makin’ Mama using the “Look Inside” feature. After seeing all the topics in the table of contents and reading through the first few pages I knew this was something I HAD TO READ!

When it arrived I was excited to see that it was not a long and overly wordy book that would take me forever to read. I could easily see that a mom wrote this book. I knew this because only a mom would know that other moms do not have much spare time to read.  Amber made the book very user friendly. See gets to the point and in a very easy to understand manner. If you only have a few minutes you can easily see where the topic is that interests you and read it.

I want to tell you, as a mom of 2 who works inside the home and has very little extra time, I read through the entire book in one afternoon. I want to add the afternoon I am referring to was during the time when I sit outside after school and let the kids play before coming in and making diner. I hope that tells you how great and how easy this book is to read!

I learned so much from this book! Immediately after reading it my mind wheels were turning. Actually they were spinning! She touched on so many things that a mom working from home has to think about. My favorite part was about prioritizing! She suggested a calendar that specifically marks “work time”, “mom time”, “me time”, etc. I created this that day!

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