Oh My Lights!

All ladies know that lights make a BIG difference. They can  make you stand out on stage, set the stage in a romantic dinner, make you see ever single wrinkle or bump or make you feel like you have yellow skin. The lighting in your home can determine how you feel the entire day. It is not fun to start the day by looking in the mirror and all you can see is horrible lighting pointing out your every flaw! Those bathroom lights can be brutal!

My bathroom has those MEAN lights! They point out every single flaw! And to make it worse the light fixtures are ugly! I am sure the home builders put in the cheapest stock lighting they could get!

Then there are the evenings where you want a gentle light to help you relax in a bath. I have to turn off the lights and use candles if I want gentle lighting.

I wish I could do a complete bathroom make over and get new lighting! Today I was dreaming and came across theses amazing bathroom light fixtures .

I would change all the lighting! I love the crystal choices above. You can probably tell that is my style but most of my house is more country. Maybe I can add some crystal in the country one day.

If you can not do a complete bathroom makeover now (like me) maybe you could start out slowly. The pendant lighting would be the easiest to change out. These are some of my favorites.

So what is the lighting that you hate most? Dressing room, bathroom, bedroom? Start with the light you hate most. By changing up your lighting one room at a time you can one day have lighting you love in all rooms!

  • susan

    Love those fixtures! I always hate the dressing room lights. If you can look good there ~ you can look good anywhere!