Top 8 Valentines Ideas From Pinterest

Valentines is quickly approaching! Now is the time to get your craft on! Here are my top picks for Valentines ideas this week.

Pinterest is so full of fabulous ideas. I know many of you are addicts like me! So if you are a pinner please leave your favorite pinterest valentines ideas in the comment section. Let’s share the baking and crafting ideas! ENJOY!

  • Marlena Curley

    How cute! I love the pencils

  • Leslie G.

    Love the second one with the toilet paper roll. You can do ANYTHING with a toilet paper roll, I swear. hehe

  • Sarah L

    I like the toilet paper roll hearts. Easy & fun.

  • Leland Dantzler

    Aaaaand my wife wants to do ALL of these now. Ha.

  • Stacey

    Love the handprint hearts.

  • Donna B.

    I love these! thanks for sharing 😉

  • the lunchbox is cute

  • chelesa sims

    i like the lunchbox in the picture

  • Julie Witt

    So many cute pictures!! I definitely found my homeschool craft for this week! We are going to make our own Valentine’s cards with toilet paper rolls and paint! What an awesome idea! Thanks so much for sharing these adorable pins with me 😀

  • We made those pencils for my daughter’s teachers for Christmas. Such a huge hit!

  • Awwwww great ideas for the kids!

  • jamie kelsey

    Pinterest has some of the cutest ideas. Their idea are limitless.

  • Cheryl

    I love these ideas, we have tons of toilet paper rolls – we may just have to break out the paint today!

  • A Valentines wreath…gorgeous and what a novel idea!

  • Kathy

    Those are great and simple ideas! Love ’em!

  • Virginia P

    Love all the ideas from pinterest. Can’t wait to do these this weekend!

  • Tauna Watt

    Those are gr8 idea’s an I really love that your ideas are from pinterest some of them anyway but, I plan to use these for my future grocery bill!

    Tauna Watt

  • Avon Shay

    All are fabulous! My favorite is the Music Sheet Heart Wreath.