Make a Valentines Day Craft From Old Crayons

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This week on My Frugal Family Fun with Kids post I wanted to share what has become a god send for me and my family in our attempt to save money and have fun at home. We’ve discovered so many amazing crafts and fun ideas on an amazing new site called Pinterest. It is a god send when you’re living a frugal lifestyle because you can find everything on how to make your own liquid detergents to how to organize to fun crafts you can do with your kids. It’s got a little bit of everything which I love!

Being that Valentine’s Day is coming up, we wanted to do a Valentine’s Day Craft. We took to Pinterest and discovered this amazing and fun way to make use of old broken crayons and to make a fun Valentine’s Day craft for their classmates and crushes at school. I wish I had thought of this! Until I get great ideas like this I’ll just rely on my good friend Pinterest to help me find some amazing ideas that I didn’t come up with myself.


You simply get a Silicone Heart pan at your local target or Walmart for $3 bucks if you don’t have one already. I got ours at Walmart for $3 hence why I know it costs only $3! You simply cut up the broken crayons or old crayons not being used any more into small pieces and put them into a bowl.

You let the kids stir the bowl to make sure all the colors are evenly distributed and there is a good variety. Then you place them inside the pan and bake them at 250 degrees for like 10-15 minutes until they’ve melted together and formed the hearts. Then you let them cool for at least 40 minutes until they are completely cold to the touch so the kids don’t burn themselves.

While they are cooling you can decide what you will put the crayon hearts on. You can cut circles out of construction paper like you see above or you can place them on red and white paper heart doilies and write something on them with the kids for Valentine’s day. You can stick the crayons to the circles or doilies with double sided tape.

Source: via Vanessa on Pinterest via Chef Messy

You finally place them with the double sided tape onto the doily or Circle with your written Valentine’s Day Message and that’s it! You’re done making these amazing (almost free or free if you had a pan already) Valentine’s! It’s fun to make with the kids, it lets you be frugal and save money on Valentine’s, and it allows you to upcycle something like broken crayons that probably aren’t being used.

I hope you enjoy this idea just as much as we did. Thank you Pinterest for helping me discover this amazing fun idea!

You can find more great ideas from Vanessa at The Queen of Swag.

  • Jo-Ann Brightman

    This is really a great idea on how to make lovely hearts and use up old crayons

  • Shirley

    They look awesome.

  • Donna Lineman

    I absolutely love this idea! I am sening my huby to Dolla Tree to buy hue bx of crayons since our old crayons got destroyed somehow and ended up moldy! I think juice got spilled in the crayon box! But I’m going to make these for the kids I babysit to take to school for their parties! I love them! I’m going to do the entire box of crayons and take the leftovers to Childrens Hospital!

  • Julie Witt

    What a great way to recycle old crayons! My son always has broken crayons laying all over the place, as well as half chewed crayons that the dog has gotten ahold of, so this is a perfect idea for me! I think I know what our homeschool craft is going to be on our next arts and crafts day 😀 Thanks so much for sharing this awesome idea with us!

  • Donna B.

    what a cute idea, and definitely affordable! thanks for sharing it.

  • susan

    I always wonder what to do with the bizillion crayons we have. This is a great idea and sure to make someone very happy. Thanks for sharing!

  • Marlena Curley

    Thanks! This is a great idea and the kids will have so much fun with it.

  • Tawnya S

    What a great idea and so much better than candy! Thanks for sharing!

  • Leslie G.

    I made those once… got the silicon heart tray in the dollar bin at Target. Love it! :)

    Thanks for the reminder.

  • Jennifer Hedden

    This is a great idea. Thank you for sharing!

  • I saw this idea on Pinterest too. I found a cute little gingerbread man mold and we made crayon people for valentines for my daughter’s preschool class.I rally like the crayons!

  • Vickie Bouzerrara

    This sounds like fun! Will have to try it.

  • Denise C

    Such a cute fun idea for the kids. Thanks for sharing this! :) Love the saying!

  • Leland Dantzler

    This is genius!!! Can’t wait to try it!

  • natalie zemrose horschel

    I love pinterest! I can spend hours on there looking around! The crayon hearts are so cute! I am sure the kids will love them!

  • Cynthia

    Great idea! My kids will love this

  • Avon Shay

    This is such a great idea. Can’t wait to try this with my grandchildren. They love when we do little projects together. Thanks!

  • It’s so creative, and very original. That’s very inspiring as well.