I Want A Bunk Bed

Growing up I always wanted a bunk bed. My brothers had one and it looked so fun. When I had friends over we always had to sleep on the floor and that was no fun! Today there are so many more options. I am determined to get one for one of my kids!

My daughter has seen and fell in love with the bunk beds that look like castles and have tents . These look like so much fun for a sleepover! Every princess should sleep in a castle! The beds with slides I am not sure about though. First of all I can see that being a major distraction at bedtime. And second of all accidents happen and I would be too worried.But look how sweet these girl bunk beds are!

For boys they have really fun bunk beds too! I can totally see my son in this bed.

I didn’t realize that bunk beds came in full over full too! That is awesome for the teenage years or a guest room! I like the futon bunk beds for the convenience it provides. Daytime and nighttime comfort all in one!

So now the search is on! I am searching craigslist and online for a great deal on bunk beds. I want a piece that can last for years. This is a big purchase since the price is generally so high. Have you purchased bunk beds for your kids? Did you like them? What kind did you buy? Where did you purchase it? Do you think this is a good investment? I would love your thoughts for me and for other readers. Thanks!

This post is brought to you through my partnership with Link Vehicle. Photos Credits: http://bunkbeds.net