Looking Lovely On Less: Reuse & Reinvent That Little Black Dress

As I was rummaging my closet thru my unpacked boxes from our recent move, I realized that my “closet” was begging for some pieces that could really revamp my wardrobe. I got to thinking about pieces that would be considered “my basics,” meaning items in my closet that would be easy to mix and match and can be worn a multitude of ways.

I know buying a plain dress or even a white button-up blouse doesn’t sound terribly exciting right? But imagine if you styled them an infinite number of ways, it opens up a world of possibilities. Not just for your wardrobe, but also for your wallet. 

Worthington dress

Dallas Stylist, Valerie Elizabeth’s “Little Black Dress Experimentillustrates how easy it is to reuse and reinvent one piece of clothing, that you might already have in your closet. Want to look chic without spending a fortune? I know I do!!

Elizabeth wore the same dress for 30 days. By using different accessories, shoes and lots of different layers, she was able to create a new look each day of the challenge!! Wowza! I am not advocating wearing the same article of clothing for an entire month, because I don’t think I would be up for such a challenge, but I encourage you to look thru the above experiment for inspiration on getting maximum mileage out of great basics.

So thru my closet I went, and realized I didn’t even own a LBD aka Little Black Dress (insert shameful face here). Do you? So I am definitely on the hunt for one. For now I put together some outfits below after finding this perfect little number.

Here’s some ways I would style the above dress. Remember by post last month about using your dress as a shirt? Boo-yah!

And I am so crushing on Coral for Spring that I had to use it! I added some black leggings underneath the dress and a fun stretchy top and flats for running errands WITH my sprouts. I can totally see myself being able to use this outfit to an impromptu run to the park, which is an extra bonus!

LBD Experiment

Wish me luck on my LBD hunt, and look for a future post styling it.
Do you own a LBD dress? How have you styled it in the past? Feel free to leave links in the comments or email me at jandmseyecandy@hotmail.com. I would love to feature you!



Written by Living on Love and Cents Contributor Kristine. Kristine is wifey to Nate, and Momma to their two M&M girls. She enjoys laughing and living life! She blogs mostly about her ramblings as a Stay at home Momma, with some crafting, fashion, and a little bit of sarcasm on the side. You can read all about Kristine and her family’s adventures at The Foley Family – Unedited.


  1. says

    Cute! I have 3(!) LBDs but none of them look that great on their own (in fact, I barely fit in one post-kids) – thanks for the tips on how to give them new life.

  2. Desiree Trzaska says

    I love this idea! That peachy color is awesome! Most definitely going to try and mix and match stuff with all my black dresses now!

  3. jen says

    Looking for the follow up to your experience with “It Works” body wraps from August… please email me the details… Thanks!!!

  4. says



    Woot! Woot! Look at you girl! Missed hearing from you the last couple of days so I hope all is well. I am stopping by to award you the Sunshine Award for all you do to shine light into this blog world of mine. You can see the full details here. Thank you for your faith in me over the last couple of months. It means a lot.


  5. Tammy S says

    I can’t imagine wearing the same dress for 30 days. I don’t think I could keep coming up with new looks. I love the ideas that you show for changing up the look of the LBD.

  6. Marlena Curley says

    I really love the idea of putting the LBD with the pretty coral colors! I can definately see myself in something like that… Of course I first need to go get my own LBD :)

  7. sandy weinstein says

    i have several black dresses, most are “cocktail”, however, some you can dress up or down with accessories….always a good thing to have in your closet. some i have had for many, many yrs and they never go out of style.

  8. Leslie Galloway says

    I need to remember to accessorize… it really does make all the difference. Thanks for reminding me. I haven’t been watching enough What not to Wear lately.

  9. Kimberly C Dickerson says

    I have a LBD and I always alternate accessories/color schemes to keep it from looking boring :) Great tips!

  10. susan says

    Thanks for the ideas! I am yet to find that LBD that does it all. I can’t wait to hear how your hunt goes too.

  11. sandy weinstein says

    i have several black dresses, have had some for over 20-30 yrs, cocktail ones, you can dress up/down black dresses w/ accessories and shoes. some you can wear as jumpers, put a blazer on for work and go out at night by changing accessories and shoes.

  12. Amanda Herren says

    Love this post, I have several black dresses and I have been looking for ways to make them look different etc!! Thanks!

  13. tami s says

    Same dress for 30 days–even if accessorized, I would feel weird, but good for her that she could do it. This make me think that I should be going thru my closet to see what I can repurpose for different occasions.

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