How to Make Your Own Sequin Custom Graphic Tee (DIY)

Welcome to another series of Looking Lovely on Less! When I’m not creating Eye Candy for my shop,
I’m attempting to refashion clothes for myself and our M&M girls. A huge drawback  tho is I am not a seamstress. I’m pretty sure I could sew a button onto a shirt if I “had” to, but don’t bet on it (wink wink). I came across the graphic tee below and fell in love….

With a price tag of $34.90, I couldn’t justify buying
it, so I thought I’d try to make a similar one. With the help of one of my BFF’s a.k.a. Aleene’s Fabric Fusion, I did just that! Let’s get this party started!

Gather your
Supplies: Article of Clothing (in my case a tank top), Fabric Fusion
(Aleene’s), A roll of sequins (I used single strand for this shirt), and
Start off by
placing the cardboard inside your article of clothing. This will keep
the glue from leaking onto the other side while you work.
Next freehand a design onto your clothing. In this case I started with the letter L.
Press the sequins into the glue, following the pattern to shape out the design.
I did one
letter at a time, and it worked great. If you mess up, or don’t like it,
just remove and start over. Dab the area that had the glue on it with a
dry washcloth to remove the glue and start again. The glue is forgiving
and dries on clear, and all the white flakes left from the glue will
wash off.
Keep going till you’re completely finished! Tada! The finished product. Allow to dry per package instructions.
I promise this is super easy! Try it, but be warned, you’ll be addicted (wink wink). Check out how I used the same idea for one of my little girls here.


by Living on Love and Cents Contributor Kristine. Kristine is wifey
to Nate, and Momma to their two M&M girls. She enjoys laughing and
living life! She blogs mostly about her ramblings as a Stay at home
Momma, with some crafting, fashion, and a little bit of sarcasm on the
side. You can read all about Kristine and her family’s adventures at
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