Easter Bunny Craft (Cheap, Fun & Easy!)


Hey All! This week on My Frugal Family Fun with Kids post I wanted to share a fun Easter Bunny Craft since as you know Easter is quickly approaching! All the stores have Easter everything at the moment! So with that my family and I like to make our own little decoration with things around the house. Here is a DIY Easter Bunny Craft for kids that you will love.

. DIY Easter Bunny Craft for kids

To Make this adorable Easter Bunny Craft all you need is a paper cup of any size, white and pink card stock or construction paper. Whatever you got lying around the house that is pink and white will work. Remember these are Frugal Crafts Folks. A black marker or sharpie, A glue stick or double sided tape, and some wobbley stick on eyes or candy eyes. I had some Wilton candy eyes left over from a cookie baking idea I did and figured we can use those

. DIY Easter Bunny Craft for kids

So first you sick your eyes on with your double sides tape or glue

. DIY Easter Bunny Craft for kids

Draw some eye lashes for your bunny with your black marker!

DIY Easter Bunny Craft for kids

Then you cut out a circle from the pink paper to make his or her bunny nose.

DIY Easter Bunny Craft for kids

You then cut out some oval shapes at the edge of the paper to make his bunny paws. And you use your black marker to make paw prints on your cute outs.

DIY Easter Bunny Craft for kids

You also cut oval shapes out of the white and pink construction paper to make the ears. You stick them together with your double sided tape or glue.

DIY Easter Bunny Craft for kids

Then you use your double sided tape or glue to glue it all together like so. You can use these pictures as a step by step. DIY Easter Bunny Craft for kids

This is soooo easy to do and you will have a blast making your own Easter decorations with your kids. You can decorate your fir place mantle with a bunch of these or use them on your kitchen table and so forth! It takes like 15 minutes to do, it’s super simple and it will get your kids happy to read. I hope you enjoy this idea just as much as we do!

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  • This is DARLING!! A great idea for spring break.

  • Shirley


  • Oh my goodness, this gives me quite a few ideas on some Easter goodies! Thank you for posting this idea! :) Best part of all…it’s NOT expensive!

  • Kathy Smith

    We are going to use them as name placements for Easter Dinner!!! Great Idea!!Thanks!

  • Michael

    I’ve always wondered why someone doesn’t start something like SavingsAngel!

  • tiffany dover

    so cute!!

  • Marlena Curley

    This is adorable! I’m definately going to try this one :)

  • That is just too cute! I am going to be making this with my granddaughters. Thank you for sharing.

  • Roxy

    so cute AND easy! Thanks for the idea!

  • paula

    I am the Easter party mom at school. Thanks so much for the great ideas:)

  • Chris

    i will definitely be doing this project with the girl i babysit!!

  • What a great project for little ones. Very cute!

  • Lyn

    Cute idea for young ones!

  • Laura Case

    What a great idea. I want to make this

  • great idea! it’s very cute.

  • Janet

    What a cute craft project — and so easy to make, too. Perfect for the upcoming holiday. :-)

  • Sonya Morris

    What a cute idea, we could do this with the kids at school.

  • Tracy Awalt Juliano

    What a fun craft! This would be a great one for something like a play date activity. Limited mess, limited supervision needed. Thanks so much for sharing.

  • My granddaughter would so enjoy this. We just decorated our Easter egg tree on Saturday and this would add to that.

  • Adorable and so much fun for the kids to make.

  • What a cute project! My 3 year old would love this!

  • Cute, and how simple!!! We will be making some of these. Thx 4 sharing

  • Brian Smith

    Really cute, I will make with my daughter when she comes this weekend! Looks easy enough even for me…

  • Sarah L

    that is fun and easy. thanks.

  • Jennifer Cutter-Hobbs

    I used to love making easter crafts as a child. I think I’m gonna try this one with my kids!

  • Amanda Herren

    Love this!! very fun activity for the kids and how cut will it look as decor for easter!! Thanks

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