FREE Custom Placemat (Discount Code Here!)

This is so stinking cute! I just ordered one with my kids pictures for the grandparents! They will love it! This is a $8.99 value but I got it for free!

Here is how I got it for free:

Visit InkGarden here

USE Code:PLACEFREE (Expires 4/30) at check out

This code will make the placemat free. You will only pay shipping.  Shipping Rates:$3.99 for the placemat.

Think birthday, Easter or Mother’s Day gifts!!!

  • Jo-Ann Brightman

    These are so cute and are an added incentive to get a child to clean up his/her area

  • Wow What a great idea for the grandparents! Thanks for sharing.

  • These look adorable! What a cute idea.

  • Great idea! Cute!!

  • Shirley

    So cute. I’ll get on it right away.

  • Leslie Galloway

    Thanks! These are so adorable! The other night we were out at dinner, and my 3-year-old asked what those little tablecloths under the plates were. Guess I should be setting a fancier table at home. :)