How to Make Microphone Cupcakes


This weekend we did my daughter’s Justin Bieber party. I could not find a musical themed cake that I was happy with. So… I turned to pinterest and discovered it was posible to make cupcakes look like microphones. So I got to work!

It is really easy! And it is NOT expensive! If you are doing a party on a budget this is a great idea! Here are the simple instructions to make your own microphone cupcakes.


  • Ice Cream Cones
  • Icing of choice (to make custom colors use food coloring)
  • Cupcake / Cake mix of choice
  • Jelly Beans or other small heavy candy
  • sprinkles

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1. Make your cupcakes as directed then let them cool completely


2. Fill cones with candy for weight

3. Use icing to top the cone. This will work as a glue when complete to keep cupcake on the cone.


4. Place cupcake on the cone. I took off the cupcake liner and found it fit nicely into the cone. Make sure there is plenty of icing to help secure.


5. Cover cupcakes with same icing. I did some with pink and some with purple.


6. Cover the cupcake with sprinkles. I used silver ball sprinkles for the added sparkle.

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7. Let sit and store in fridge

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