DIY Kitchen Updates on a Budget: Faux Brick Kitchen Backsplash

As you know I am updating my kitchen while maintaining a VERY tight budget. You can see the painted cabinets and the painted counter tops that i have done so far. Next it was time for the back splash. I loved the idea of painted tiles or bricks so I started experimenting. Painting Faux Bricks is fun and easy! Here is the simple tutorial.

I started with the formica back splash that was attached to the counter tops. I primed them just like the counters. I used the same Bullseye Primer.

Then I painted all the same grey as the counters. I wanted a grey grout to show through.faux brick painting

Once it was painted and dried about a day I got out all the supplies to paint:

  • Acrylic Craft Painted from Walmart (under $1 each) Grey, White and Black
  • Paper plates
  • Sponges (the Brillos ones work great) cut into sizes desired for bricks

I poured each of the colors onto foam plates.

I cut each sponge into brick sizes.

Then start applying. Add paint to sponge and firmly press into place. You can come up with your own pattern. I think scattered and random looks best.

I went back and made some a combination of colors. For example a light layer of white placed on the black brick.

It drys very quickly! I must say I LOVED the look! It really looked like brick!

Unfortunately my husband did not like the look so I had to prime and start over. SAD I KNOW! But I wanted to share these tips with you so you could do this awesome and very cheap wall treatment! You could do this anywhere! ENJOY!

  • Austin Baroudi

    We actually did this to the outside of my dads building not to long ago. It came out looking really nice!

  • Angie

    I LOVED this!! Too bad you couldn’t keep it.. :) Thanks for the inspiration!! We are remodeling our 1950’s house on a budget of almost ZERO. So far all I’ve been able to do is paint a few rooms.. We need som e character up in here!! Thanks for sharing your idea!