Can Lighting Really Save You Money? #GELighting #CBias #SocialFabric

Have you heard all the hype about Enegery Efficiency Lighting ? I have but I have been ignoring the claims that they can save you money. Why? Because they cost more out of pocket?  So this week I took a challenge. I wanted to see if a light bulb can really save me and can they really last longer? I wanted to try this out and share the results with you.

We have lived in our home for 8 years. Over this time we have only used the cheapest lighting available. I usually get light bulbs at the dollar store or the 4 packs at Walmart for $1! As a frugal mom how could I pay more? The problem is these lights burn out so fast! We are constantly living in a dark house.  It is so unpredictable when they will go out. The only thing that is predictable is that they will go out and FAST! Anyone else like me? But what if changing the lights could really put money back in my pockets like this video?


Before I went shopping I did some research. You have to check out the GE Lighting website. It is very informative! Did you know that the lighting choices are changing between 2012 and 2014 in favor of options that use less energy. GE gives you great options including GE Energy Smart CF Ls, GE Energy Smart LEDS and GE Energy-Efficient Soft White.  Bright From The Start CFL look awesome. Achieves full brightness the instant you flip the switch. Uses 75% less energy than incandescents.


Interesting information on GE verses the traditional light bulb. Pay special attention to the savings.

Watts vs. Lumens

A watt is measure of power. A 60-watt incandescent bulb requires 60 watts of energy to produce the light it does. The brighter the incandescent bulb, the more watts it requires. A lumen, on the other hand, is a measure of the amount of light emitted from a lamp and the best way to describe energy efficient LED lamps. More lumens per watt means you are getting more light for less energy.


I went to Walmart and decided to check out the CLF and LED lighting. I did a path to purchase show on Google + showing my shopping experience. It was quite over whelming at first. I tried to make it easier for you by doing the leg work.


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