One Step At A Time

The last few weeks have been crazy for me and my family. We have sold our house and decided to rent a house untill we can pay mostly cash for a new home. It is all part of our financial peace process. Being in moments of uncertainty can be so scary. I have had to step away from the blog a bit during all the moving insanity.

Have you ever just sat back and reevaluated your life, home, job, activities, values, etc?  This has been a great time of reflection for me and the mr. We have reevaluated what we need and what we want. We both agree that financial freedom is what we want for us and our kids!

The hard part is deciding what steps to take and when. Sometimes I would like to visit a psychic and have someone just tell me what will happen or what to do. A psychic reading is a fun an exciting idea. Some people use a magic eight ball to help with decisions. Some turn to family and friends for advice.

No matter how you decide what steps to take next I think it is important for all of us to take time to reevaluate your situations. Life is too short to spend worrying about things that don’t matter or  regretting steps you have taken. We have made a plan and will stick to it until we reach the point where we can get a house that meets our new requirements. Having a plan gives me so much peace!

Start today and decide what you really want! Only you can make it happen! After all the life changing decisions we have made this year I felt I had to encourage you to do the same. Not to up and move but to think about what you want. Then MAKE IT HAPPEN!