Meal Ideas For The Week: Beef & Rice, Turkey Meatloaf, Chessy Potatoes, Ham & Cheese Sliders

One of my goals this year was to master meal planning. I’m still not perfect, but I work really hard to make sure there are yummy meals waiting for my family to devour. We don’t always get to eat together anymore, but as many days as possible, I try to gather my guys around the table. It is the perfect time for us to talk…and often the only time we are all together for any length of time. {sad}
There are a lot of things that go into planning weekly meals for my busy family. Before I even begin, I write out our schedule for the week. These little 5×7 frames are typically filled with busyness – especially now that baseball is in full swing.

Once I have a schedule, I decide what kind of meal I should make – casserole, grill, crockpot…And then I plan what goes where on the weekly menu. Easy peasy! Here are a few of the meals found on my recent menus.

This savory Beef & Rice dish  is the perfect meal to make at the end of a busy day. It doesn’t take too much time and has great flavor from the onions and peppers.


A turkey meatloaf with crazy good cheesy potatoes will make your family think you spent hours in the kitchen.

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This fabulous version of goulash will have your family coming back for seconds!


Ham & Cheese Sliders are a new favorite for my family. These make a great meal paired with some green beans and fruit parfait.


What meals do you like to plan for your family?

Keepin’ it Real…D

by: D (Deanna) of SpotLight316 Ministries

I am Deanna. All my friends call me D, so you can too! I am a wife, mom, and friend who wears many different hats. My primary role is that of wife and mom. I found the proverbial “beauty from ashes” in my own broken world and it is these very struggles that drive me to provide a space for others to fully express themselves and grow in the grace of God.

  • All of that food looks delicious, especially the potatoes! On our busiest nights, I like to make something in the crockpot that you can put over rice. It’s easy to prepare in the morning and then it keeps warm so it’s always fresh when we all eat dinner at different times.

  • Jenny Ham

    This all looks so good… I wish I cooked more.. Makes me want to cook.