Fun Beach Bags for Kids : Fun DIY


This week was vbs and I had the honor of helping with the crafts. My friend was in charge and she is so creative! I have to share with you this super cute DIY for Kids. Great for summer time.

tote bag (anything you can use for the beach)
Craft sand
Elmers glue
Felt pieces (cut into a ball shape or 3 pieces that make a ball)
Blue fabric paint
Foam brushes
Plates for paint or glue

How to do it:

Have kids glue the felt pieces in the middle to make a ball


Have then put a strip of glue along the bottom of the bag

Dip the bottom with glue in the sand


Cover glue in sand then shake off exsess

Then let the kids paint blue all around the ball for the look of water
Let dry and enjoy!

  • Jessica

    That’s Awesome!! I didn’t realize you were taking pictures:-) Wow you’re good!! lol