Reliant Park World Series of Dogs Shows- Affordable Family Fun in Houston (Plus Show Off Your Pet)

Everything to do with dogs under one ruff!

July 18-22, 2012 

35th Annual Dog Show Brings Array of Events for the Entire Family.

If you love dogs and spending time with the family I have some great news for you! The Reliant Park World Series of Dog Shows, one of the finest indoor dog shows in America, is celebrating its 35th year at Reliant Center, July 18-22, 2012.  This canine extravaganza brings together dog lovers from across the nation and provides an array of events and exhibitions for the whole family to enjoy.

Beginning Wednesday, visitors can catch the Houston Working Dog and All-Terrier shows and chat with owners/handlers as they prepare their show dogs in the Crating and Grooming area. Thursday offers an all-specialty group of shows, as well as the Working Dog and All-Terrier show, with only Conformation (Breed Judging) competitions that end with “Best of Breed” awards. Friday through Sunday each show culminates with a “Best of Show” winner, chosen from finalists among the seven variety groups with more than 150 different breeds represented.  Besides Breed Judging, spectators can watch agility dogs race though obstacles, soaring dogs catching Frisbees®, flyball teams hurdle to beat the clock, impressive dancing dogs and more throughout this multi-faceted series of dog shows.

 My Dog Can Do That (Feature your Dog!):

This year the Dog Show will bring back the My Dog Can Do That! events inviting all dogs of different breeds and mixes to test their skills in agility without the pressure of a real competition.  With the help of professional coaches, attendees can have their dogs run a condensed version of the agility courses that “professional” agility dogs face.  The My Dog Can Do That! events are on Saturday, July 21 and Sunday, July 22, ONLY.  Times will be announced closer to show dates. The events are free and open to all dogs as long as they are 6 months old and on a regular 4-to-6 foot leash.  No prior registration is needed; however, in order to maintain a healthy and safe environment at the dog show, proof of rabies vaccination is required.

As an added bonus to participating in the My Dog Can Do That! events, the American Kennel Club offers participants a discounted registration in its AKC Canine Partners℠ program.  The program is for ALL dogs, including mixed-breeds, and allows them to list with AKC and compete in many events, including agility.  With the AKC Canine Partners listing, dog owners will also receive other perks including a lifetime enrollment in AKC CAR Pet Recovery Service and a complimentary 60-Day Trial AKC Pet Healthcare Plan.

The will also  be a mini photo shoot with a professional photographer for your pet. This photo will then be available for public voting. The winner will be the 2012 “it dog” for Reliant Park World Series of Dog Shows. I will post more details on both soon!

Events and Things To D0:

  • Meet the Breed.  Meet the Breed, a valuable opportunity for potential pet-owners, offers a hands-on experience with more than 110 breeds and an opportunity to discuss their advantages and disadvantages with breed experts.
  • The McScotty Market is a dog lover’s dream. In the McScotty Market, you can find booths selling every dog necessity imaginable and major canine welfare organizations presenting helpful information.
  • Mari Jon Filla Student Art Exhibit.  The exhibit displays creative artwork from kids, grades K through 12, expressing their unconditional love for the family pet.
  • Best Little Doghouse” Here, spectators can vote for and bid on their favorite custom-made doghouse.   Auction proceeds benefit Citizens for Animal Protection (CAP), a nonprofit organization dedicated to providing shelter and other valuable services to Houston’s dogs in need.


Adult admission is $10 per day at the door or via Ticketmaster.

Tickets for senior citizens are $5

children 12 or younger are $1 with adult.

Parking is $10 per day CASH


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