Sweet, Spicy & Smoky Grilled Spare Ribs That Satisfy Everyone! #DibsOnMyRibs

If you are like us summer time means lots of barbeque! We grill as often as we can. It is great for celebrations bu also for family dinners. Oh my mouth waters at the thought!

The fourth of July was no different. I had a special request this year for RIBS! I had been reading all the excitment about the Dibs on my Ribs contest and it had me drooling over the pictures and recipes of ribs. My husband was awesome and agreed. It was a pretty easy sell since he loves ribs. We gathered all of our grilling supplies and goodies and worked up a new recipe.  

We started with yummy Tyson pork spare ribs and several  McCormick spices/seasonings and Kraft BBQ sauce. This time we did something a little different. We used our BBQ Bucket and mixed the rub with the bbq sauce. Normally we do one or the other but not both! Here is what we used: Grill Mates® Sweet & Smoky Rub and Kraft Mesquite Smoke Barbecue Sauce.

Mixed till combined and then grab the brush and brush that baby! I mean cover it! The ribs should be dripping with the sauce and rub mix. We let it sit for about 5 minutes while the grill continued to warm up.

Once the fire was good and ready we used our rib rack and placed that baby on the grill. We watched as the sauce dripped and the smoke came out. It wasn’t long before the air was filled with the amazing smoky ribs smell.

We let that sit while I made macaroni and cheese and some sweet squash to go with our ribs. After about 40 minutes we were all drooling at the smell and were ready to dig into those ribs. The kids, who are very picky, were amazed. We had created something that had a beautiful combination of sweet, spicy and smoky flavors. It was perfect. That combined with the sides made for an amazing 4th of July Celebration meal.

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