Pourty Potty Review: Make Potty Training Clean & Comfy + A Pourty Potty Giveaway

We are in the process of potty training at our house. M?y daughter, who is now 6, was a breeze. Basically she wanted to wear “big girl panties” one day before she turned 2 and so she did. It She never had accidents. Seriously it was amazing! So I did not understand when other moms would talk about how hard it was. I thought when I had my son it would be just as easy so I did not worry. But I was wrong!

My little man is almost 3 and I have felt like a complete failure. He has no interest in using the potty at all. I am trying everything. While searching the internet for tips and items to help I discovered the Pourty Potty. It is not magical. It does not reward the child or play music. But it DOES help me! And we all know that potty training is very hard and messy on the parents. I have tried the potty chairs that you have to clean out or pour out in the toilet and manage to spill everywhere. They  do not make this easy or pleasant for parents! Pourty Potty has changed this! They invented something with parents in mind. They call this the Easy to Pour Potty.  I had to have one.

I received a blue Pourty Potty for my little man. When I ordered it I thought that the only benefit was that it was easy to pour. I was wrong. It has so many amazing benefits. The most obvious and the one I was most excited about is the easy cleaning feature. It is made with a duct on the back that allows for a clean flow of pee and poo into the toilet. It avoids the disgusting spill on the sides of the potty and the large toilet like other potties. In the diagram below you can see a little space under the splash guard. That is the handle you use to pour the potty out. It is so easy and clean.

It is made with a high quality and sturdy plastic. It is all one piece so there are no hidden cracks or spaces that allow for germs to grow. This makes it so much more sanitary. The sturdiness of it is also a comforting thing to kids. My little man was hesitant to sit down but then smiled when he realized how secure he felt. It is made with higher sides and a rounded back. It contours my little guy perfectly. The seat is wide enough for his little bottom and he actually is very comfortable.


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