Tummy Tuck : Is It Right For Me or You?

If you have been a follower of this site you know I battle with my weight. I tried nutrisystem and I am fixing to try a new supplement. Recently someone suggested a tummy tuck to me. Since then I have been researching tummy tuck procedures. It us not something you do casually or without a lot of thought. Just like any surgery their are risks. I had two c sections and I know how tough recovery from a surgery can be. There is always the chance of infection or other problems.

I was looking at some tummy tuck before and after pictures and they are very impressive. I can see why this was suggested to me. It is a way to get rid of the heavy and excess fat and skin that just hangs. I have excess skin from my pregnancies that I hate! Things do not fit right anymore. It would be great to have that removed.

There are many options with tummy tucks that i was not aware of. There are mini tucks, laser, and liposuction with tucks. Those are just a few. There are sites that can help you determine the best tummy tuck for you. Every body is different and has different needs so it is important to research which is right for you.

For a healthy person this could be a good option. I read that you have to prepare yourself and your health for this procedure. You have to do things like quit smoking. You should carefully research the  ways to prepare and what requirements you need to meet.

I read It is also important to not just look at the costs. Be sure you are finding a board certified surgeon. Cost is important to us all but remember this is a serious procedure that requires you think about much more than the cost.

I recommend you find out more and what to do next if you are interested in this. I will continue to work on my weight and one day this may be the option I choose.

  • Elaine

    Same here, I’m a bit chubby myself and I’ve been recommended a cosmetic surgery as well by a few friends.

    I’m always amazed when seeing the before/after pics of tummy tucks and I’m glad I found a certified surgeon here in Toronto, very close to where I live.

    I’ve heard that if you workout and you’re in relatively good shape, your recovery can be quicker.