Updating a Mom Wardrobe: Trendy Mix Match

It’s summertime and many times moms focus on their kids and forget about their self. I know for me I update my kids’ wardrobes each summer. I make sure they have clothes in style and that fit properly. I get “summer clothing” for each of the kids. But I can not remember the last time I bought “summer clothes” for ME! I looked at my closet this week and really examined it. I have turned into “that mom.” The one who wears the same boring thing all the time. Since I have gained weight I have not spent time or money to get new stylish things that fit. Well that needs to change. So I spent some time online shopping for ME!

I found a “Trend Alert” which made me laugh because that means there must be others like me. Others who need to know what is trendy right now. I was actually impressed to see the cute styles that are in right now. They are super cute and could actually make me look and feel good.

I like to find items that I can mix and match to make several outfits. It is nice to have a handful of items that can be worn several different ways. That makes items go much further. Here are some items I found that would be perfect for me this summer


Aren’t these pieces cute! They are so stylish. I can make several outfits with these items. You can mix match the tops and bottoms. And those shoes are so adorable! I am surprised that these are the trendy items. Why? Because I like them! I have been out of the trendy loop for so long that I did not realize what the new style was. And it rocks!  I will probably get some basic pieces too like tanks that can be added to each top to add event more variety.

All of these items can be found at  http://www.spiegel.com/ , I love this site. Check out their summer sale happening now. It’s the perfect time to buy for your new wardrobe.

Remember don’t forget yourself! Moms like us deserve to look and feel good too! So what would you buy to update your closet? Are you surprised at these trendy styles? Today is a great day for some online browsing and buying!